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Julie Johnson is married to Frank I. Smizik.

She is a Lobbyist at Massachusetts Teachers Association. Previously she worked for the Division of Local Services, Department of Revenue, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Massachusetts State Senate, office of State Senator John Olver.[1]

Democratic Socialists of America

DSA Feminist Commission

In 1985 and 1986, Julie Johnson of Massachusetts was listed as a member of the Feminist Commission of the Democratic Socialists of America.[2][3][4]

DSA Boston Local Chair

In 1986, was recent former chair of Democratic Socialists of America, Boston local.[5]

DSA awards committee

Boston Democratic Socialists of America presents awards annually in memory of Eugene V. Debs, Norman Thomas, Julius Bernstein and Michael Harrington.

The Awards Committee in 2001 consisted of:

Doug Butler, Kathy Casavant, Jack Clark, Harris Gruman, Julie Johnson, Eleanor LeCain, Marcia Peters, Mike Prokosch, Bruce Raynor, Bob Ross, Rep.Frank I. Smizik.[6]

The Awards Committee in 2002 consisted of:

Barbara Ackerman, Doug Butler, Kathy Casavant, DSA Executive Board, Harris Gruman, Julie Johnson, Eleanor LeCain, Rep. Jim Marzilli, Judy Meredith, Marcia Peters, Ald. Denise Provost, Rep. Byron Rushing, Rep. Frank I. Smizik, Jim St. George[7]

Congratulations to Ed Clark, Dessima Williams, and John Maher

Julie Johnson and Rep. Frank I. Smizik placed a late ad in the October 2001 The Yankee Radical;[8]

Congratulations to Ed Clark, Dessima Williams, and John Maher on being honored for your work onglobal and local democracy.
And thanks to Boston DSA for reminding us of the importance of this work.

Boston DSA 2002 executive

The Boston DSA 2002 executive included Massachusetts Teachers lobbyist) Julie Johnson. To fill Jack Clark’s shoes the members elected as cochairs Vic Bloomberg and Mike Pattberg. Other returning E Board members include Joe Morgan as Treasurer, David Keil and Mike Pattberg as YR editors, David Knuttunen, Jack Bray, Adele Greenberg, Martha Older, Barry Hart, Allen Graubard, and Jeff Knudsen as databaser at large.[9]

Debs-Thomas-Bernstein Awards Reception


In 2002, the 25th annual Debs-Thomas-Bernstein awards of Boston Democratic Socialists of America were presented to State Representatives Patricia Jehlen and Anne Paulsen at a catered reception on Thursday, June 13 at the home of Marcia Peters and David Karaus.

Attendees included Barbara Ackerman of MASS-CARE, Jim St. George of TEAM, and longtime DSAers Fran Schlitt and Jake Schlitt and Rep. Frank I. Smizik, "pinch-hitting for wife" Julie Johnson as M.C.[10]


On September 24, 2006, Boston Democratic Socialists of America presented its annual Debs-Thomas-Bernstein Award to "our longtime comrade, Director of Massachusetts Neighbor to Neighbor Harris Gruman". Hosted by former Neighbor to Neighbor Director John Maher and Co-Chaired by Senator Pat Jehlen and MA AFL-CIO Vice President Ed Collins, the event was also a fundraiser for both Boston DSA and the Mass Alliance Some Alliance endorsed candidates were among the attendees, including Denise Provost, Jarrett Barrios, Willie Mae Allen, Claire Naughton and Will Brownsberger. Political Director Georgia Hollister Isman explained how the Mass Alliance helps elect progressives to the MA legislature, and introduced some of the candidates.

Pat Jehlen and John Mayer noted how Harris combines the skills and abilities of an ace precinct captain and shrewd political strategist with a vast knowledge of the more obscure Austria, Italy, which undoubtably comes in handy on the campaign trail.

Hosts were John Maher and Ellen Sarkisian, "perennial" MC was Julie Johnson of the Mass Teachers Association and DSA, primary organizers were Susan Davidoff and Mike Pattberg.[11]


The 2010 Debs-Thomas-Bernstein Awards, sponsored by Boston Democratic Socialists of America, took place Tuesday, June 13, 6:30—8:30 P.M., at the Jamaica plain home of environmentalist Marcia Peters and David Karaus.

2010 honorees were "two champions of social justice and grassroots democracy: Georgia Hollister Isman and Jack Clark". Honorary Co-Chairs for the event were MA AFL-CIO President Robert Haynes and State Senator Patricia Jehlen (D-Somerville), with special guest Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz (D-Boston).[12]

Georgia Hollister Isman was presented by Andrea Miller of NARAL and Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz, who livened up her introduction by bursting into song.

After being introduced by MA AFL-CIO Vice-President Ed Collins and Janet Boguslaw from Brandeis University, Jack Clark "entertained and informed us with a brief tour of U.S. Socialist history".

Others who attended or sponsored the event included Rep. Frank Smizik, Somerville Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz, and recently elected President of the Washington, DC chapter of Red Sox Nation Eleanor LeCain, "our perennial MC, Julie Johnson", Mike Schippani (UAW-Detroit); Shaw’s striker Juan Garcia and UFCW staffer Heysoll Rodriguez.[13]

Julie Johnson and Frank I. Smizik were also listed as supporters of the event.


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