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Julian Epstein

Julian Epstein was the chief minority counsel to the House Judiciary Committee and, before that, the majority staff director of the House Government Operations Committee. He has written and published extensively on the division of federal and state responsibility.

Julian Epstein serves as Public Affairs and Communications Counselor of LawMedia Group Inc., and as a Member of Advisory Board of xG Technology Inc.

Epstein is a regular commentator on MSNBC, and other major media.


Epstein says he inherited his competitive political instincts from his Jewish father, a public health advocate. His creative side came from his Irish-Italian mother, an opera singer. He grew up in the Democratic stronghold of Boston, where he became a standout hockey player and an accomplished painter. He attended the University of Michigan and after graduation went straight to the personal staff of John Conyers, a Democrat from Detroit. By 1989, when Epstein was 27, he was already the staff director overseeing investigations for the Government Operations Committee, one of the the youngest staff directors ever. He was also attending Georgetown Law School at night.[1]

In 2001, Mr. Epstein, chief Democratic counsel on the House Judiciary Committee, had worked for Mr. Conyers in one position or another since he graduated from the University of Michigan in 1984.[2]

Trying to save the Olympics

When Moscow, two other East European nations and Vietnam boycotted the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, Rev. Jesse Jackson and John Conyers attempted to set up a special committee of athletes, civic leaders and members of Congress to "create a climate in which the decision can be changed."

The group held its first meeting in Conyers office may 11. Jackson, after a one hour meeting with Soviet Foreign minister Dobrynin, said that both he and the committee were willing to go to Moscow.

"I would say we have a about a one in ten chance" Conyers' press secretary Julian Epstein said. "They were firm in their position, but not final...The lines to the Soviet Embassy are being kept open.They are really bending over backwards to accommodate us. We will find out exactly under what conditions they would come back, and then get back with the US, Soviet, and international Olympic committees to see what we can mediate."[3]

Communist youth festival

The National Preparatory Committee for the 12th World Festival of Youth and Students met in New York on March 2 and March 23 1985.

The meetings of representatives of the area preparatory committees and participating national organizations reflected the tremendous growth of the Festival movement over the month. Three hundred endorsements' have, now peen gathered by the more than 40 area' preparatory committees. The APCs have nearly tripled in number since late January.

Brenda Davenport, youth coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; Greg Moore, president of the U.S Student Association; Philip Oke of the UN Office of the Christian Peace Conference, Sharon Burgess of District 65 ~ New Jersey Region, United Auto Workers; and Bernice A. King; of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Non-Violent Change were among those that attended the latest meeting, Ms. King is the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr..

The NPC meetings called for stepping up the pace of the festival movement and agreed that the April 20 demonstration for peace. jobs and justice in Washington D,C. was a key part of the work. Many area committees reported renting buses and signing youth up to go.

At the March 2 meeting, Ethel Lobman of Local 3882 of the American Federation of Teachers said, "It is our duty to bring together all those who suffer from Reagan's policies to protest" Ms. Lobman' was also a delegate to the New York Central Labor Council and án activist in the labor outreach committee of the New York coalition building April 20th.

There wil be 250 delegates to the festival and 300 "special participants" who will attend the festival in Moscow for four days, then travel to other parts of the USSR for an additional ten days. It was agreed that 100 of the 250 delegates would be picked from a national "pool" in order to ensure the most representative delegation possible.

Five co-chairs were elected at the meeting including Brenda Davenport of SCLC: Julian Epstein, aide to Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.); Andy Mager, the first New York draft registration resister to be imprisoned; James Steele, national chairman of the Young Communist League; and Sue Wray, president of the Student Association of the State University of New York. Two slots were left open for representatives from the trade union and Latino communities.[4]

Clinton White House

Epstein was the top Democratic staff members for the Judiciary Committee, during the Clinton impeachment hearings, an "unelected stage managers for the impeachment drama".[5]

Strategic accomplishments

Epstein is prouder of his strategic accomplishments. During the Waco hearings, he shifted attention away from the missteps of Clinton administration law enforcement officials by summoning a Branch Davidian girl to testify about the brutality of cult leader David Koresh. During the debate over the proposed balanced-budget constitutional amendment, he helped choreograph the strategy of accusing Republicans of endangering Social Security. As Judiciary's chief minority counsel and staff director, he has steered Democrats toward the center on "wedge" issues such as crime and affirmative action.

"I believe in smart politics," he says. "I don't believe in losing fights. If you think tactically and stay focused, you can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat."[6]

National Congress of Black Women Salutes Sojourner Truth

Dick Gregory:Rep. Bobby Scott, unknown, Julian Epstein

National Congress of Black Women’s Reception to Meet and Greet Honorary Chairs and Truth Commissioners, honoring Sojourner Truth was held at the NW Washington home of Julian Epstein, Wednesday June 6th, 2007.

Attendees included E. Faye Williams (National Congress of Black Women), Barbara Lang (Chamber of Commerce) Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Eleanor Smeal, Kim Gandy, Alice Cohan, Dick Gregory, and Rep. Robert Scott.[7]

Democrat strategist

In 2009, Epstein was an attorney and a Democratic Party strategist.


Even by Washington standards, the LawMedia Group is highly secretive. Until recently, nearly all pages on its Web site were password-protected. No clients are listed. Perhaps the oddest aspect is that not one employee's name--not even the identity of its founder or principals--is publicly disclosed.

LMG was founded by Julian Epstein, a "former high-ranking House Democratic aide and party donor" whom The Washington Post once called a "dashing bachelor, a hip-hop aficionado who drives a soft-top Jeep Sahara and lives in an Adams-Morgan loft he designed himself." In an advertisement on the Democratic Party's Web site, LMG describes itself as providing "grassroots lobbying" and "issue/initiative" management. It also has filed disclosure reports with the U.S. Senate for outsourced lobbying. (LMG has told us that it prefers to be called a "public affairs firm.")

For a group that prefers to remain in the shadows, LMG recently has found itself in the uncomfortable glare of the media's klieg lights. In addition to our report from June, the Post published an article on July 29 reporting that LMG may have written an anti-Wal-Mart Stores op-ed supposedly authored by Charles Steele, Jr., the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. The op-ed appeared in publications including the Tuscaloosa News and accused Congress of "subsidizing Wal-Mart, a company that recorded $3 billion in profits in the first quarter of this year."

It happens that Wal-Mart is a donor to Steele's group. And Wal-Mart wasn't happy with the op-ed. Steele's attorney told the Post's Jeff Birnbaum that, "I believe LMG played a role in this scenario; I can't say how big a role. LMG is in that chain somewhere." LMG, which is representing banks and credit card companies that are opposing Wal-Mart, would say only that it was tangentially involved. [8]


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