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Judy Nedrow

Judy Nedrow is a member of Democratic Socialists of America and is the long term partner of Christine Riddiough[1].

Meeting Chris Riddiough

When Judith Nedrow first met Christine Riddiough she felt as if she had encountered royalty.

Nedrow, who was working at the Chicago outpost of the National Organization for Women in 1982, had been an avid reader of Riddiough's opinion columns. When the writer showed up at the NOW office, Nedrow was immediately enamored of her - and more than a little jealous of her girlfriend.

But as the women worked together, they became friends. And when Riddiough's relationship ended that fall, Nedrow invited her to come over for homemade turkey soup. [2]

Gay rights victory

In 2002 hundreds of District of Columbia activists joined Mayor Anthony Williams, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and members of the DC Council to celebrate the removal of Congressional restrictions on the District’s domestic partnership program after a decade-long struggle.

Even though the Council passed a 1992 act permitting any unmarried partners—gay or straight—to register with the city (DSA National Vice Chair and DC Council member Hilda Mason was one of the original backers), right-wing members of Congress blocked implementation of the program by placing a rider on the District’s budget.

The District, like Puerto Rico and other territories, is subject to budgetary and legislative oversight by Congress. Congress must approve the annual DC appropriations bill, and it uses this power to impose restrictions on the District.

Gay-rights organizations, such as ACT-UP DC and the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance, and the movement for DC democracy joined together to fight the ban, with DC/MD/Northern VA. Democratic Socialists of America and its members playing a significant role in the victory. DSA member Judy Nedrow chaired a local commission that developed strategy for the domestic partnership struggle, and Nedrow’s partner Christine Riddiough, former DSA Political Director, also played an important role on the commission. Riddiough was also former chair of the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club, a local gay-lesbian Democratic organization instrumental in convincing the District government to take up the issue.

The Stand Up for Democracy in DC Coalition, of which the DSA local was a member, conducted an annual campaign against this and other budget riders, holding rallies and walking the halls of Congress. Several of Stand Up’s members were arrested engaging in civil disobedience during congressional votes.

The local campaign finally gained the support of openly gay Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-Ariz.), who in 2001 was instrumental in having the ban removed. “This is a real step forward both in the domestic partnership fight and for DC sovereignty,” Riddiough said.[3]

DSA Alternate delegate

In 2017, the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America Election Working Group finalized a 29 member convention delegate list, and a 3 member Alternate delegate list The Alternate list included Judy Nedrow.


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