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Juan Antonio Marcano is an Aurora Colorado activist. Married to Aly DeWills-Marcano.



Denver DSA November 8 2019·

It took a couple days but we can now safely say, CONGRATULATIONS to DSA member and endorsed candidate Juan Marcano for Aurora City Council Ward 4 on his victory!! A Democratic Socialist took on a developer backed Republican incumbent and WON! This was a true grassroots effort, for the community and by the community, and we could not be prouder.

Aurora City Council has been flipped to a progressive/left majority and can now set to work taking on the hundreds of new drilling sites, the GEO detention center, the rampant deveopment, the lack of campaign finance laws, etc. This is why local politics matter!


Many elected Democrats came out in favor of the candidate who ran on his immigrant roots, including Attorney General Phil Weiser, 6th Congressional District Rep. Jason Crow, Arapahoe County Commissioners Nancy Jackson and Bill Holen and State Rep Rep. Mike Weissman. He also received the endorsements of organizations such as Working Families Party, Run For Something and Colorado People’s Action, all of which recruit and support young progressives to help build their political careers and advance the socialist movement.[1]

Council campaign


Denver DSA August 28 2019·

We're thrilled to endorse DSA member, Juan Marcano for Aurora City Council Ward 4! Juan has a long history of fighting for his community and plans to take on the private prison contractors in Aurora, the hundreds of newly approved oil and gas wells, the lack of campaign finance laws and the disappearance of affordable housing. We are so excited to expand our electoral work into Aurora with a Democratic Socialist so we hope you'll join us in donating to and volunteering for Juan!

With over a decade of experience in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, experience collaborating with candidates and elected officials as a policy adviser on issues such as campaign finance reform, electoral reform, housing, land use, and zoning, my service on the Arapahoe County Citizen's Budget Committee, and my leadership within citizen-led advocacy organizations such as Aurora Residents for Transparency and Transformation and Colorado People's Action, I believe I am an excellent choice to be your next city council member for Ward IV. I hope that you’ll join our team and help us build an Aurora for all.[2]

Murillo team

Crystal Murillo for Aurora City Council Ward 1 October 24, 2017 ·


MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the phone bankers tonight! YOU! are how we win! #GoVoteAurora Arapahoe Young Dems & not so young dems FTW! — with Jason Crow, Barack Obama, Mike Cervantes, Aly DeWills-Marcano, David Aarestad, Michael Westerberg, Carlton Godofsky, Juan Antonio Marcano, Crystal Murillo, Nick Swanson, Kristin Mallory, Jessica Campbell-Swanson, Bee Jo Janssen Holmgren, Tyler McDermott, Kevin Cox and Lorraine Coombs.


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