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Harold Washington for Mayor of Chicago

Circa late 1982, members of the Citizens Committee/Harold Washington for Mayor of Chicago (in formation) included Johnnie Jackson.[1]

Danny Davis Chicago mayoralty run

In 1990/1991, Danny Davis ran unsuccessfully in the primary for the Democratic Party nomination for the Chicago mayoralty against Jane Byrne and incumbent Richard M.Daley.

Because of his long involvement in "progressive" politics, Davis' campaign included groups such as Women for Davis, Labor for Davis, Clergy for Davis, Youth for Davis and committees representing Greeks, Koreans and Hispanics.

Labor for Davis was co-chaired by Frank Rosen, general vice president of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers, and Johnnie Jackson, president of the Chicago chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women.[2]

Chicago Communist Party banquet

According to the Peoples Weekly World October 3 1998, Congressman Danny K. Davis interrupted his campaign work for United States Senate candidate Carol Moseley Braun and gubernatorial candidate Glenn Poshard to present an award at the 1998 Chicago Peoples Weekly World banquet. Davis praised Communist Party USA member and Hani-Lozano Award winner Harry Gaynor's "active role in tearing city's segregated walls and working for peace".

Attendees included;

This event raised $10,000 towards keeping the Communist Party paper afloat.[3].



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