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John T. Williams

John T. Williams is a Consultant at Williams Software Services, Inc. Lives in Culver City, California.


Nominations Committee April 2019

Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America newsletter April 2019


Thank you to everyone who stepped up to run for the Nominations Committee and to everyone for participating in the vote (155 people total). We have the results, and the three members that will oversee the election for the new Steering Committee are:

The rest of the results:

Culver City Democratic Club

From John T. Williams Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America newsletter April 2019.

I care about what happens to the DSA. At 82, I am one of your more senior Comrades. I have been a solid leftist all my adult life. I am currently the Vice President of the Culver City Democratic Club. From that position, I have recruited Five new members into DSA-LA, including the President, Pete Rockwell, his wife Cynthia Rockwell & the Recording Secretary, Shannon Prius. With my daughter, who is also a Comrade, we have a voting majority on the Executive Board. I am not without a certain political talent and perhaps can be useful in resolving this mess.[2]
I am currently on both the Labor Committee and the Electoral Committee. In my local community, I am Vice president of the Culver City Democratic Club. In this position I have recruited both Comrade Pete Rockwell, The President of Culver City Democratic Club, but also his, Comrade Cynthia and the Recording Secratary, Shannon Prius, the DSA. Along with my daughter Comrade Rebecca Williams Rhodes, we have a voting majority on the executive board of the CCDC. In other activities in the community, but outside of DSA, in 2016 mid-term elections, I was effective as a precinct worker, in helping oust Dana Rohrbacker and electing a progressive, new Congressman in CA CD 48, in Orange County, I was an effective precinct worker in electing Daniel Lee, a very progressive, young new black member of the Culver City, who along with Alex Fiesh provides the city with a progressive, left majority on the city council, for the first time in the history of Culver City. I took part in the Teachers Strike, with my Comrades in the DSA and the YDSA for five rainy days on the picket line in front of Venice High School (such fun - it really was WET). I have been walking precinct for Jackie Goldberg very regularly for the last weeks. Oh, and I carried the far left end of a HUGE DSA banner in the May Day Parade last Wednesday (such fun !).[3]

2019 new Steering Committee


Here are your official candidates for the 2019 DSA -LA Steering Committee. They include nominees for the (six) At-Large Officers, Recording Secretary, Communications Coordinator and Treasurer. You can learn more about the candidates, including their candidate statements, on the DSA-LA website.

Steering Committee at-large

Recording Secretary

Communications Coordinator