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John Ross

Understanding China's Socialism

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John Ross, Su Yue, Vijay Prasad, Tings Chak, Radhika Desai, Kenny Coyle, Joshua Jackson, Carlos Martinez.

Symposiun on founding of CCP

On 22 June 2021, The Chinese Embassy in the UK held a Symposium on the Centenary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China. H.E. Ambassador Zheng Zeguang delivered a keynote speech entitled Celebrate A Glorious Century and Create A More Splendid Future. General Secretary Robert Griffiths of the Communist Party of Britain, General Secretary Andy Brooks of the New Communist Party of Britain, Vice Chair Joti Brar of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), Senior Fellow John Ross at Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China, Professor Kerry Brown, Director of the Lau China Institute of King's College London, spoke on the occasion. Over 30 participants, including Lord Sassoon, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, Liam Byrne MP, Lisa Cameron MP and other political party representatives, experts and scholars, joined the activity.[1]

China's Great Road

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The People's Forum June 2 2021·

Book Launch: China's Great Road >> Tomorrow at 7PM ET

Join us in conversation to celebrate the launch of China's Great Road: Lessons for Marxist Theory and Socialist Practices by author and economist John Ross.

With John Ross (author), Wang Wen (Renmin University of China), Radhika Desai (Renmin University of China), Vijay Prashad (Executive Director of Tricontinental), and Brian Becker (Director of the ANSWER Coalition).

Supporting Bolivian revolution

In September 2007 a statement was circulated by the blog Bolivia Rising in support of the revolutionary government of Bolivia;[2]

The democratically elected government of Bolivia's first indigenous president Evo Morales Ayma, which is heading a process of democratic change, is Washington's immediate target in Latin America today. Bolivia is in Washington's sight, not only because it is viewed as the weakest link of the growing axis of hope in the region, but because of its role as a catalyst for inspiring the struggles of indigenous peoples, regionally and internationally, for real social justice...
Now is the time for all intellectuals, union militants, solidarity activists, political parties and progressive minded individuals who believe in real justice and equality to raise their voices in defense of the Bolivian government and its people. No to US interference in Bolivia!

Signatories included;

Honoring the life and work of John Ross


Honoring the life and work of John Ross at Cafe la Boheme San Francisco, on the fifth anniversary of his death. He wanted "Never learned to be a prisoner," to be etched on his grave. Then, in a characteristic twist, his will expressed his desire to be cremated and have his friends spread his ashes from the window a moving #14 Mission St. bus. As a first person witness/participant, I can attest this — with Nancy Charraga Corlay, Jeff Conant, Laboheme Awad, John Avalos, Phil Hutchings, Fernando Marti, Tony Ryan and Carolina Dutton. Jason Wallach January 18, 2016.



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