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Palo Alto Community Coalition

A Stanford faculty member and student are among those named to slates of candidates for the May 8 1973 Palo Alto City Council election. Law Prof. Byron D. Sher, a councilman from 1965 to 1967, was endorsed Sunday by the liberal Association for a Balanced Community (ABC). John Philo, a doctoral student in physics and a member of the Trustee Committee on Land and Buildings, was named yesterday to the radical Palo Alto Community Coalition ticket. Filing for five four-year terms and one two-year seat closes at noon Thursday. As of yesterday noon, 16 candidates had taken out nomination papers, although only one had formally filed by returning his papers. In addition to Philo, PACC named Jeffrey Youdelman of Venceremos, Carol Peterson of Child Care Now, and Douglas Mattern of the Palo Alto Peace Union.

Philo, an active member of the Palo Alto Tenants Union and a persistent critic of University land development policy, said yesterday that if elected he "will seek ways to force Stanford to use its lands for housing." In addition to Sher, ABC endorsements, made by mail ballot of the association's 900 members, went to Mayor Kirke Comstock; Councilwoman Sylvia Seman; Dr. Allen Seid, a psychiatrist active in the city's drug abuse program; [[Emily Renzel]], a staff member at Stanford Research Institute and veteran conservationist; and Thomas O. Passell, a scientist employed in Lockheed's Palo Alto research laboratory.[1]

Sugar Law Center

In 2007 John Philo, was legal director for the Maurice & Jane Sugar Law Center for Economic & Social Justice. [2]

National Lawyers Guild

The 2009 National Executive Committee of the National Lawyers Guild included John Philo, Regional VP for the Mideast, Detroit, MI.[3]



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