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John Haylett was the partner of Sian Cartwright.

Welsh comrades


John Haylett, Ramon Corria, Sian Cartwright.

Morning Star rally/LP conference


Frances O'Grady, Paul Kenny, Len McCluskey, Matt Wrack, Bob Crow, Steve Gillan, Megan Dobney, Richard Bagley, Tsiaples Anastosis, John Haylett,



John Haylett was allied to Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn and union leaders Rodney Bickerstaffe, Mick Rix and Bob Crow.

CPB executive committee


In 2008 the Communist Party of Britain executive committee consisted of Carol Turner, Ivan Beavis, Geoff Bottoms, Mary Davis, John Foster, Pauline Fraser, Bill Greenshields, Robert Griffiths, Anita Halpin, Kevin Halpin, John Haylett, Joel Heyes, Steve Johnson, Carolyn Jones, Martin Levy, Gawain Little, Alan MacKinnon, Emily Mann, Tommy Morrison, Andrew Murray, Rick Newnham, Ben Stevenson, Graham Stevenson, Carol Turner and Anita Wright.[1]

"No return to fascism in Ukraine"


Trevor Jones, Laura Picand, Ramon Corria, John Haylett, Nathan Davis.

Welsh communists at Fete D'Humatite 2015


David Brown, Ramon Corria, John Haylett, Dominic MacAskill, Anita Wright, Robert Griffiths.



Advisory Board 2009

Communist Review Advisory Board 2009.

CPB factions

Circa 2000, the 'leadership faction' around general secretary Robert Griffiths and Morning Star editor John Haylett is uneasily aligned to the Diamat faction of Nick Wright, Anita Wright and Morning Star journalist Andrew Murray (Diamat was a publication which broke away from the pro-Stalin Straight Left faction. The Diamat faction poses left against the Griffiths-Haylett faction. However, as a matter of principle it is opposed to standing candidates in elections. As comrade Murray hints in his regular 'Eyes left' column in the Star, these comrades feel obliged to automatically support the Labour Party. Against these two 'in' factions is ranged the 'out' faction around the former apparatchiks Mike Hicks (ousted CPB general secretary), his partner Mary Rosser (former Morning Star chief executive) and their veteran ideologue Ron Bellamy (former CPB executive member).

In 1998 the hidden rivalry burst out into the open. Mary Rosser - still in control at the Morning Star - sacked the newly appointed editor John Haylett. Backed by Griffiths, the majority of journalists struck in retaliation and comrade Haylett was eventually reinstated. Not surprisingly the Griffith-Haylett faction moved to swiftly remove from all positions of influence those who had sided with Rosser and co.[2]

Conference on Perspectives for Democracy and Socialism in the 90s

The Conference on Perspectives for Democracy and Socialism in the 90s was the Committees of Correspondence's first national conference held in Berkeley, California July 17-19, 1992.[3]

International Greetings were sent from;[4]



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