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John Gallo

John Gallo is an Ohio activist. He was married to Judy Gallo, and is a veteran of WW2.

American Youth for Democracy

The following officers and council members were elected at the June 1946 convention of the Communist Party USA youth wing American Youth for Democracy:

Michigan: Abel Lee Smith, Anabel Barahal, Rolf Cahn, John Gallo, Erma Henderson (State president), Bob Purdy, Phil Schatz, Robert Cummings (State secretary). [1]

Communist Campaign


New York Communist Party USA election poster circa 1972. Candidates were;

Supported Communist Party call

In May 1992 the Communist Party USA newspaper Peoples Weekly World published a May Day supplement which included a call to "support our continuing struggle for justice and dignity"

Endorsers of the call included John Gallo, AFSCME Local 3360.[2]

Communist Party's May Day Salute

In 1995 the Communist Party USA newspaper People's Weekly World, published a "May Day salute" to the "heroes in the class war zone". More than 100 unionists/activists endorsed the call, mostly known affiliates, or members of the Communist Party.

John Gallo, vice president AFSCME local 3360 Cleveland Ohio, was one of those listed[3].

Backing the PWW

In January 1998 fourteen Ohio labor leaders, headed by Dick Acton, vice president of the Ohio AFL-CIO, sent a letter to their contemporaries urging their financial support of the Communist Party USA's People's Weekly World. The letter, which was sent to 50 labor leaders in the Cleveland area of Northeast Ohio said the World "tells our story and unhesitatingly takes our side. It was there when we needed it and now it needs is."

Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans

Wynne Antonio replaced John Gallo as the Retiree Council (an affiliate of Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans Coordinator at the North Shore AFL-CIO in Ohio. She will also coordinate the Senior Voice coalition.[4]

Dining with Occupy

In October 2011, at the instigation of John Gallo of Senior Voice and the AFL-CIO Retirees Council, John Gallo, Wynne Antonio, Harriet Applegate and others hosted Occupy Cleveland for a meal, to share experiences across the generations.[5]


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