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Template:TOCnestleft John Conyers and the World Peace Council. For many years John Conyers, Jr. was linked to Soviet front World Peace Council.

Welcomed World Peace Council delegations

From September 29, to October 12, 1975 the Soviet front World Peace Council sent a delegation on a ten-day tour of the United States of America, where it was "warmly and enthusiastically received". In six of the ten cities visited, the delegation was officially welcomed by the mayors' offices and presented with "keys to the city", medals and proclamations.

The delegation was composed of Romesh Chandra, Secretary General of the World Peace Council; Josef Cyrankiewicz, former Premier of Poland, for many years a prisoner at the infamous Auschwitz prison camp, "outstanding anti-fascist fighter", and Chairman of the Polish Peace Committee; Ambassador Harald Edelstam, Swedish Ambassador to Algeria, formerly Ambassador to Chile during the Allende Presidency,"renowned for his rescue of hundreds of Chileans from the fascist junta"; Purabhi Mukherji, General Secretary of the Congress Party of India, member of Parliament and formerly a minister of the Indian government ~ for 15 years; James Lamond, Labour member of British Parliament, former Mayor of Aberdeen, Scotland, and active member of the Engineering Workers Union; Yacov Lomko, Editor-in-Chief of the Moscow News, leading member of the Soviet Peace Committee, and Communist Party USA member Karen Talbot, US member of the WPC Secretariat.

The WPC delegates were guests of a number of members of Congress at a luncheon in the House of Representatives' dining room, and at a reception. Among those present were several members of the Congressional Black Caucus,including Congressman John Conyers (Democrat of Michigan), Congressman Ronald Dellums (Democrat of California), Congressman Ralph Metcalfe (Democrat of Illinois) and others. Congressman Philip Burton (Democrat of California), House majority leader, joined the luncheon, expressing interest in the work of the WPC and the New Stockholm Campaign. The delegation was also able to speak with a few members of the Senate and House Foreign Relations Committees and the Armed Services Committees, including Congressman Paul Findley, Senator Briscoe, ranking Democrat on the Armed Services Committee, and Senator Thomas McIntyre.[1]


In 1978 Congressmen John Burton, Ted Weiss, Ron Dellums, John Conyers, Don Edwards, Charles Rangel and others... attended[2]a World Peace Council organized meeting on Capitol Hill.

The WPC delegation, was led by its President, Romesh Chandra, a member of the Communist Party of India. Conyers welcomed this group, saying "You have joined us to give courage and inspiration in our fight for disarmament and against the neutron bomb."[3]

WPC delegation members included KGB Colonel Radomir Bogdanov and Oleg Kharkhardin of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union International Department.[4]

In 1981 another World Peace Council delegation led by Romesh Chandra toured the U.S. to publicize the "nuclear freeze" then being promoted by Leonid Brezhnev.

This group met with several Congressmen at the Capitol, including John Conyers, George Crockett, Ron Dellums, Don Edwards, and other Democrats.[5]

These Democratic Congressmen made House offices available for meetings with the WPC delegates.

During one of the meetings in these Congressmen's offices an official of the Communist Party USA was present and made a speech recommending that the "peace movement" unite in supporting the cause of several terrorist groups including the PLO and the Communist guerillas in EI Salvador.[6]

Conyers has consistently voted against every new U.S. weapons program and opposed the defense budgets. The American Security Council rated him at 0% for 1988.[7]

1982 WPC Bureau meeting

WPC's New Perspectives Vol 11, 5/1981

In January 1982 Conyers addressed a World Peace Council Bureau meeting "Discussions on Disarmament and the Security in Europe" in Copenhagen, Denmark.

US Peace Council

On the weekend of November 12-13, 1979, the Communist Party USA front U.S. Peace Council was established in a meeting at International House on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. US rep. John Conyers twice addressed the conference.[8]

Addressed US Peace council national conference

An ad/notice was placed in the Guardian, November 8, 1989, concerning an upcoming U.S. Peace Council national conference. The text of the notice was:

"End The Cold War Fund Human Needs" U.S. Peace Council's Tenth Anniversary National Conference - Boston, Mass., Nov. 10-12, 1989

Speakers Included:[9]



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