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Jo Seidita

DSOC meeting

At UCLA's Franz Hall, in Los Angeles, April 24, 1976, the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, organized a a forum, "for all interested liberals, leftists, trade unionists, to develop priority platform for progressives at the Democratic Party National Convention."

Speakers included DSOC chairman Michael Harrington, Jo Seidita, Democratic National Committee, Burt Wilson, coordinator of Campaign Against Utility Service Exploitation, Wallace Albertson, President, California Democratic Council.

Panelists from UCLA included Paul Bullock, director of research at the Institute of Industrial Relations, and Jim Gallagher, Coordinator, Labor Studies.[1]

Are there concrete programs that progressives can work for in this election year which could begin to democratize our social and economic institutions? D.S.O.C. thinks that there are---and has instituted a nationwide series of conferences to discuss the DEMOCRACY '76 program.

Media Democracy Legal Project

Advisors to the Media Democracy Legal Project, circa 2006, included:[2]


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