Jim Schermbeck

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Mark Birnbaum with Jim Schermbeck

Jim Schermbeck is a producer and director. One of his films that he directed and produced with Mark Birnbaum, The Big Buy, was a documentary about the case Ronnie Earle brought against Tom DeLay.

College of Constructive Hell Raising


The College of Constructive Hell Raising's Spring Class of 2017. Front row with sign: Kristian Steffany, Amanda Polland, Frances Mayo, Michelle McAdam, Anita Mills, Brandon Pollard, kneeling. Back row: Rick Baraff, Janelle Kinney, Kyle Amato, Clarice Criss, Brent Cease, Anthony Gonzales, Rebecca Bateman, Corey Troiani, Jim Schermbeck.

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