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James A. (Jim) King was a Hawaii labor lawyer. King retired in 1996 but continued his involvement in the labor movement as an active member of the ILWU Oahu Pensioners Club. He is survived by wife Alma, daughters Donna Lance and Stephanie Kaumeheiwa.


James A. King died on February 13, 2007 at the age of 85. Jim King was an active member of the Oahu ILWU pensioners club and a retired labor attorney.

Jim King attended Punahou School, the University of Hawaii, and graduated from Georgetown University, before serving in the US Army in 1942-1945

After the war, King obtained a Law Degree in 1948 from Columbia University. He returned to Hawaii and, keeping his promise to assist workers and foster social progress, he joined the law firm of Bouslog & Symonds in 1949. The firm attracted many talented and progressive attorneys like King who wanted to work for social justice and help working class people.

Other attorneys who worked for the firm included Hideki Nakamura and Ed Nakamura who also served as chief justice of the Hawaii Supreme Court.

When the principal partners of the law firm, Harriet Bouslog and Myer Symonds retired, the attorneys in the firm continued serving the labor community as the law firm of King, Nakamura and Chun-Hoon and the law firm of Takahashi, Vasconcellos, (and Covert). Both law firms repre- sented the ILWU and other unions, as well as thousands of injured workers with their workers compensation cases. [1]