Jim Hoffecker

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Jim Hoffecker "first became involved with the Greater New Haven Labor History Association during the summer of 2009 as a student intern inventorying the Local Lodge 609 collection. I really liked the work the group was doing and became more actively involved in the beginning of 2010. At this time I was settling down in New Haven and had become interested in the incredibly rich history of our city.

"I felt as though the way in which labor unions tied in with the history of the city was incredible. I learned that my favorite aspects of history, namely the interactions between people and their past and the power of the narrative, were right in the city in which I lived. New Haven labor history, as I am learning, is both social and geographic. Each of our neighborhoods have vast histories of their own and yet can also be tied together into one comprehensive historical narrative.

"I feel that the Greater New Haven Labor History Association is the group which is best facilitating a comprehensive historical analysis. I am both enthusiastic and proud to contribute to an organization so important to the city I have grown quite attached to."[1]