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Jessica O. Guerrero is a San Antonio activist.

Appeal to 5th Circuit

According to Graciela I. Sanchez of the San Antonio Free Speech Coalition: We chant Las Calles No Se Callan! The Streets Will Not be Silent, prior to press conference announcing our appeal to the Fifth Circuit. July 27, 2009. Friends present are Rhett Smith, Johnny Martinez (hidden) Jessica O. Guerrero, Enrique Sanchez, Rosalyn Warren, Brenda Davis, Marissa Gonzalez, Justice, Isabel Sanchez, Maria Berriozabal, Mariana Ornelas, Michelle Myers, John Stanford, Gloria Ramirez, Larry Fabiola Torralba, and Amy Kastely.[1]

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance 10th anniversary

10 years ago in San Antonio, grassroots leaders from communities of color, indigenous peoples and low-income communities across the US voted to launch a new alliance to connect US-based grassroots organizing to international social movements. And so, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance was born!

In 2015, we are coming full circle to San Antonio for our 10th Anniversary Kick-Off Event!

Join us for an intergenerational panel of activists in dialogue about activism and the resurgence of street mobilization in the global justice movement, from the early 2000s to 2015.

Moderated by Ajamu Dillahunt of Black Workers for Justice


Free the Cuban 5

In 2009, over 100 Texan activists wrote a Letter from San Antonio Activists Supporting the Cuban 5 to President Carter:

We actors, artists, writers, teachers, cultural workers and other activists in the struggle for peace and justice in San Antonio, Texas, have read the letter that twenty Actors and Artists United for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 wrote you on April 8. We agree with the contents of that letter, which we have copied below, and we wish to add our names as signers to that letter.

We are sending a copy of this letter to President Barack Obama, to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to the five Cuban anti-terrorists who are in U.S. prisons, to the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, and to the U.S. office of the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5. Signers included Jessica O. Guerrero. [3]

Sandra Moran tour

Shaun Grogan-Brown June 5, 2014 ·


"We Feminists Say: This is my body, this is my land, this is my territory. And we defend our territory." - Sandra Moran, World March of Women leader on Grassroots Global Justice Alliance national tour June 18-July 3: Reclaming Feminisms at the Grassroots! #ReclaimFeminisms — with Marjorie Childress, Monica Cordova, Lindsay Marisol Archuleta, Andrea Mercado, Maria Huerta de Reyes, Sandra Moran, Tammy Bang Luu, Andrea Plaza, Jaron Browne, Jessica O. Guerrero, Helena Wong, Claudia Reyes, Marcia Olivo, Maria Poblet, Monserrat A. Matehuala, Mei-ying Williams, Cindy Wiesner, FuerzaUnida Mujeres, Steve Williams, Rukiya Dillahunt and Denise Perry.

World March of Women

October 23, 2015 The 4th Americas Regional meeting of the World March of Women opened in Cajamarca, Peru. There were 4 reps from the WMW US/ Grassroots Global Justice Alliance chapter there reclaiming feminisms from the grassroots. Two co-chairs: Maria Poblet and Jessica O. Guerrero, along with Emma Sandoval and staff Helena Wong.[4]

Feminist Training School

#FOS2016 Planning Team (from l to r): Emma Sandoval, Marisol Archuleta, Helena Wong, Beva Sanchez, Maria Poblet, Jessica O. Guerrero, Cynthia Oka, Cindy Wiesner, Emily Lee)

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance and the SouthWest Organizing Project (SWOP) co-hosted our very first Feminist Organizing School (FOS2016) in Albuquerque, NM from May 20-24th 2016. Over 40 people from 17 organizations around the country participated in the school, grounded in the spirit of slain indigenous feminist environmental activist, Berta Caaceres.[5]