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Jesse Kern

Template:TOCnestleft Jesse Kern is a St. Petersburg, Florida activist.

Farewelling a comrade

Carole Collier, chairperson of the Communist Party USA of Florida and a "tireless advocate for equality, peace and socialism", passed away Sept. 28.2003 She was 84.

Family, friends, and comrades gathered for a memorial at a funeral home Sept. 29 and remembered her courage and fighting spirit, active until the end despite chronic back pain and failing eyesight and hearing.A neighbor in the Largo retirement community where she lived told the gathering that the management attempted to push through a rent increase. Collier, knowing the fixed income of the seniors, led a fightback.

Jesse Kern, an activist with the Central Florida Jobs Committee, said that Collier, a handsome woman with cornflower blue eyes, looked like “an elderly matron on her way to the club to play bridge.” Yet this Alabama belle was a steel magnolia and a street-smart fighter.[1]

"MacDill Nine"

Protesters Jesse Kern, Jay Alexander, Anne Hirsch, Adigun Hotep, Bill Reed and Nnamdi Lumumba, all of St. Petersburg, protested outside the Hillsborough County Courthouse Annex January 2003 before the trial of the "MacDill Nine."

The nine, all cleared, except Wayne Helmbrecht, who didn't show up, over charges resulting from a protest outside an airbase were Dwight Lawton, 72, a Korean War veteran, Adam Cameron, Penny Hess, Arlen Hooley, Deidre Martin, Roger Otterson, James Peters and John Barrieau.

Omali Yeshitela, chairman of the African People's Socialist Party, who appeared at Wednesday's trial to show support for the activists, called the judge's ruling "a major victory for free speech and the right to dissent."

Defense lawyers Paul Quin and Paul Rebein, who handled the case pro bono, argued that activists had given Tampa police notice that they intended to be arrested as a show of civil disobedience and promised to go peacefully. [2]

Veterans for Peace

In 2007, Jesse Kern St. Petersburg Florida, was s a Korean War veteran and a member of Veterans for Peace. [3]

Communist Party member

In 2007, Jesse Kern was a member of the West-Central Florida Communist Party USA.[4]

UFPJ rally

On October 27th 2007, United for Peace and Justice held an Anti-war National Mobilization, near Orlando, Florida at Lake Eola.[5]

Speakers Included:

Cuba and Venezuela

Circa 2008, Jesse Kern, and a delegation of labor activists who visited Havana and [Caracas]. Some of them them were UAW activists from Michigan. They visited CTC headquarters in Havana.[6]

CPUSA of Tampa Bay


CPUSA of Tampa Bay Closed Facebook Group, accessed June 21, 2017;[7]

Our Main Political Aims:
1. Defeat the agenda of the ultra-right.
2. Reforms to put people before profits, end racism, gender discrimination and homophobia, and guarantee justice, economic security and basic needs for all.

3. A new kind of society - Socialism USA - in which the working class and its allies have the power to end war and corporate greed, and to build a true democracy of cooperation, fairness and peace.

Members included Jesse Kern.