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Blue Revolution 2019

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Standing for AD 70

In 2019 Jerry Garcia stood from AD 70 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

I am a native of Long Beach Ca. and a 3rd generation of one of the strongest Unions in the country, the ILWU. As a grassroots activist, I advocate for: Healthcare reform in California supporting bill SB562 healthcare for all. Spoken in favor of affordable education so people with low incomes can attend college. Support of comprehensive immigration reform like paths to citizenship for Vets, and Environmental Justice. I support Unions and Progressive candidates like Senators Bernie Sanders, Harley Rouda, and Delaine Eastin for Governor of California. As a Progressive activist I’ve attended numerous rallies and town halls. I’ve visited thousands of homes in support of a progressive agenda. I am looking forward to being part of creating a stronger more diverse Democratic Party. It will be an honor to represent the people of Long Beach, San Pedro, and Avalon in AD70. It’s a privilege to be part of the Blue Revolution slate. [1]