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Jennifer Pearson

Peoples Platform

In 1991 Jenn Pearson was a member of the Peoples Platform's "Stand and Deliver" ASSU slate.

The "Stand and Deliver" COP slate, was composed of sophomores Nicole Johnson and Mike Curry and juniors Mae Lee and Jenn Pearson. People's Platform, the dominant party in ASSU politics for the last five years, was founded by four student of color organizations — the Asian American Student Association, Black Student Union, Stanford American Indian Organization and MEChA, a Chicano/Latino student group. But the party has recently worked to "broaden its base of support by including all groups on campus," Pearson said. Slate members cited Curry's role as a member of the Interfraternity Council as example of efforts to incorporate other groups like the Greek system. "We can bridge the gap between the various student groups on campus," said Curry. "Our party has made a huge commitment to groups on campus. We have the mechanisms in place for action and have already earned trust from those groups." Experience with various campus groups is something that the slate is not lacking, its members say. Curry and Lee are both currently undergraduate senators. Johnson has worked in the Black Student Union, and Pearson is active in the Women's Center Collective and Students for Peace.[1]


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