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Jeff Klinger

Kensington Branch Meeting

Kensington Branch Meeting, 512 W. Berks St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sunday 7 December 2014, organized by Philly Socialists.

Those signalling intention to attend on Wherevent included Mara Henao, Simon Joseph, Jeff Klinger, Mike Kaminsky, Anthony Shull, Tim Horras, Kevin Brusha, Alec Foster, Brandon Slattery, Cameron Wingnut.[1]

Philly Socialists 5th Annual Organizational Congress

Philly Socialists organized a 5th Annual Organizational Congress, Saturday 13 February 2016, Sunday 14 February 2016.

We are committed to creating a just and sustainable future for ourselves and our planet. We fight to extend and deepen democracy within our society — to transform our political and economic system into one befitting of basic human dignity.

Those indicating intention to attend on the Wherevent page for the event included Emily Seiter, Samantha Valentino, Amani Bey, Stephanie Altimari, Isabella Jayme, Loren Anderson, Akshay Walia, Erik Heineman, Klyde Breitton, John Lesmeister, Cranford Coulter, Nhoj Matthews, Jake Kinzey, Andre Felix Melendez, Tim Horras, Alec Foster, Charles Sansone, Jeff Klinger, M. Harlan Hoke, Brandon Slattery, Geoff Smith, David Thompson.[2]