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Jeff Blum

Jeffrey David Blum has extensive experience in grassroots organizing. He founded and directed Pennsylvania Citizen Action, where he helped lead successful campaigns to reform the state’s public utility law, create a toxics right to know law and expand access to generic drugs for senior citizens.

Jeff Blum and his wife, Ellen Cassedy, live in Takoma Park, Maryland.


Blum has a BSN from Boston University and attended the University of Chicago and the University of Warwick, England.

Weathermen Flint "War Council"

December 27-31, 1969, about 400 of the national membership of the Weatherman faction of Students for a Democratic Society held a “War Council” at a ballroom dancehall in Flint, Michigan. Posters of a giant cardboard machinegun, Ho Chi Minh, Che Guevera, and Fidel Castro hung everywhere.

Among the attendees of the “War Council in Flint" identified by the Flint police department and/or its informant were: Michael Avey, Karen Ashley, Bill Ayers, Edward Benedict, Margaret Bennett, Douglas Bernhardt, Jeff Blum, Harvey Blume, David Chase, Peter Clapp, Judy Clark, Bernardine Dohrn, Diane Donghi, Linda Evans, Brian Flannigan, David Flatley, John Fuerst, Lynn Ray Garvin, Bert Garskof, Michele Garskoff, Mark Glasser, Theodore Gold, Lenny Handlesman, Ann Hathaway, Karen Hardiman, Daniel Hardy, Tom Hayden, Phoebe Hirsch, Arthur Hochberg, Anne Hodges, John J. J. Jacobs, Jeff Jones, Sam Karp, David Klafter, Dianne Kohn, Peter Kuttner, Bradford Lang, Stephen Lang, Karen Latimer, Jonathan Lerner, Naomi Lev, Bradford Long, Alan Maki, Eric Mann, Howard Machtinger, Carol McDermott, L.R. Meadows, Lisa Meisel, Jeff Melish, James Mellen, David Millstone, Russell Neufeld, Diana Oughton, John Pilkington, Edward Purtz, Jonah Raskin, Natalie Rosenstein, Dennis Roskamp, Mark Rudd, Karen Selin, Mark Shapiro, Janet Snider, Mike Spiegel, Jane Spiegelman, Marsha Steinberg, David Sole, Susan Stern, Clayton Van Lydegraf, Cathy Wilkerson and Mary Wozniak[1].

Jeff Jones drove to the meeting in a blue Volvo with Maryland plates owned by Jeffrey David Blum[2].

‘Liberation’ Classes

Liberation classes were held May 11 1970 in doorways of two buildings at Stanford. Discussion leaders, most of them members and friends of the Pacific Studies Center, will come with signs indicating their discussion subjects to the lawn in front of Encina and the AEL courtyard each hour. The discussion groups will then move to doorways, so that people sitting in can participate. A schedule of classes, leaders, times, and places will be posted at the White Plaza Coordinating Center Desk.

Classes scheduled so far are: 8:00 (Encina) Diarmuid McGuire "The Peace Corps and Imperialism" or "The Chinese Cultural Revolution" (choice) 9:00 (Encina) Kitty Barclay "Radical Ecology" (AEL) Fred Cohen "The New Left and Its Role in Stopping the War" 10:00 (Encina) Jim Shoch "Imperialism in Southeast Asia" (AEL) David Ransom "Stanford" Pacific Basin Strategy, or How the U.S. Did It In Indonesia" 11:00 (Encina) Mark Weiss "Urban Racism + Urban Reform-Urban Workers in Crisis" (AEL) Steve Ela "Science for Whom" 12:00 (Encina) "Labor Crisis in America?" Larry Christiani (AEL) Judy Carnoy "Medical Care—Can We Change It?" 1:00 (Encina) Bill Elkins: "Marxist, Leninist and Maoist Theory" (AEL) Jeff Blum: "Bourgeois Bias in Stanford Psychology Dept. Behavior" 2:00 (Encina) Maureen Cassady "America's 'Old Radicals': The Wobblies, the Socialists, the Women's Rights Movement" (AEL) Jim Shoch: "U.S. Policy in Southeast Asia" 3:00 (Encina) Mary Hanson: "Bobby Seale's Work in Freeing Amerika, or Why We Must Free Bobby."[3]


Blum has worked for[4]the Peoples’ Coalition for Peace and Justice, Massachusetts Fair Share, People for the American Way (where he co-coordinated the campaign to establish AmeriCorps) and was Transportation Policy Director for Citizen Action.

Blum also served as President of Maryland Citizen Action, founder and member of the Advisory Board of the Jewish Fund for Justice and as a member of the board of Citizens for Tax Justice. He is on the executive committee of America Votes and is an advisor to Progress Now.

Political work

In Pennsylvania, Blum ran for State Senate in 1990 and was the Northeast Pennsylvania Regional Director of the Clinton/Gore Campaign in 1992.

Maoist backing Blum

"Meet the young Max Weiner," Feltonville's Cindy Engst tells her neighbors as she introduces Jeff Blum, one of three Democrats running in the hot 4th Senatorial District primary in Pennsylvania 1990. "He's the consumer candidate, like Max was."

"Happy Mother's Day!" exclaims Allyson Schwartz, a Blum rival, as she hands out Mother's Day cards to women entering a Northeast Philadelphia diner. Only two women in the Senate. Vote for a woman for some new leadership, OK?"[5]

Heather Booth

Jeff Blum is a colleague and longtime friend of Heather Booth, who also attended the University of Chicago, “She has always been very good at being at the intersection of powerful agendas and organization.” says Blum.[6]


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