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Jeanette Charles

Jeanette Charles is a writer, organizer and political educator from Los Angeles, California. Currently, Charles is a member of the Chiapas Support Committee and a doctoral student at the Bolivarian University of Venezuela in Caracas where she works with the Catedra Libre Africa focusing on Africa's historic legacy and present struggles across the Americas.[1]

Witness for Peace

Jeanette Charles came to Witness for Peace Southwest with loads of Latin America and Witness for Peace experience. For 2 years now Jeanette has served on the Witness for Peace Southwest board of directors. Jeanette is a journalist, organizer, popular educator and queer woman of color raised in working class Black and Brown Los Angeles. The basis of her continued work draws from histories of resistance and revolution across the Americas especially from the legacy of the Haitian Revolution and other Black maroon led rebellions. Members of Jeanette’s paternal family left Haiti during the Duvalier dictatorship as part of a great exodus of Haitians in the 1960s and 70s. Jeanette self-identifies as Black/African descent and specifically as a daughter of the Haitian diaspora. Jeanette is fluent in English and Spanish and grew up in a largely Mexican/Central American neighborhood. In the last five years Jeanette has lived in Venezuela and has extensive travel and cross cultural experiences throughout the Americas.

Most recently, Jeanette worked as a journalist for the Latin American based international news channel, teleSUR in Quito, Ecuador. Much of Jeanette’s analysis is attributed to the delegations and political exchanges she has organized with the Chiapas Support Committee to Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras with grassroots movements. Jeanette’s senior thesis was on the Honduran Resistance to the Coup in 2009-2010 where she spent several months on the ground researching and establishing relationships with organizers and community leaders documenting people’s struggles.

In the United States, Jeanette’s work has focused primarily on building Black and Brown unity and organizing against mass incarceration as well as state violence.

Jeanette is starting off as part time staff with Witness for Peace Southwest until funds are raised to increase Jeanette’s hours as a full time organizer. Jeanette is exited to plan a full calendar of events, delegations to Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras and Cuba and bring speakers from Latin America in 2016. [2]

100 years of the CP

The Southern California District of the Communist Party held its rousing regional celebration of the party’s centennial at its “Red House” on South St. Andrews Place, Sat. night, Sept. 21 2019.

The evening featured music and spoken word contributions, a short history of the party delivered by the new L.A.-based co-chair of the CPUSA, Rossana Cambron, original and classic songs of the labor movement, a group singing of “The Internationale,” greetings from friendly organizations, a raffle and fund appeal, silent auction, and a tasty dinner prepared by specially invited Oaxacan chefs.

Jeanette Charles served very capably as a bilingual translator, effortlessly (so it seemed!) rendering English into Spanish and Spanish into English for the multilingual audience.[3]

Solidarity West Coast Day School

The Solidarity West Coast Day School, which focused on the theme of ‘Transnational Solidarity with Latin America’, was held at the Los Angeles Worker Center on Saturday June 23 2018. The event brought together around 30 people – organizers, workers, and activists from Los Angeles, Mexico, and El Salvador – to share their experiences on topics from Baja California strikes to news and updates on Venezuela and Cuba. Throughout the planning process and during the event, Solidarity was able to engage with local socialist groups like LeftRoots, LA CoIL, and Democratic Socialists of America, and to build a deeper relationship with Latin American solidarity groups like CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador) and Raices sin Fronteras.

The event began with a panel on the theme of ‘Solidarity Campaigns in Latin America’. This first panel featured two speakers, Jeanette Charles from Witness for Peace, Venezuelanalysis, Chiapas Support Committee, and other groups, and Henry Prudencio, a recent immigrant from El Salvador and CISPES organizer. Charles’ presentation focused on the revolutionary models of Cuba and Venezuela with an emphasis on people power, African diasporic traditions, and a reparations-based economic lens. Prudencio briefly discussed the history of U.S. intervention in El Salvador, the country’s current conditions, and paths for solidarity.

Observing elections

Jeanette Charles is the international solidarity liaison with Venezuelanalysis. In May 2018, she organized a delegation with Venezuelanalysis and The Intrepid News Fund to observe the presidential elections. During their trip, journalists, activists, lawyers and other participants met with representatives from community-based organizations.[4]

LeftRoots HangOut: Venezuela Fights for Self-Determination

Join LeftRoots cadres Jeanette Charles and Amara Nwosu for a discussion on their recent international solidarity exchange in Venezuela.

This summer, two LeftRoots cadres participated in an international solidarity exchange in Venezuela. During their time they gathered with diverse grassroots movements, observed the Venezuelan presidential elections, and attended the first International Reparations Summit bringing together nations from across the Americas and Africa.
In their fourth electoral cycle in twelve months, the Venezuelan people expressed their commitment to participatory democracy and exercised their right as a sovereign nation when they returned to the polls this May. Venezuelans elected their president amidst an onslaught of international political persecution, media defamation campaigns, and economic challenges heightened by US, European and Canadian sanctions.
Since May, Venezuela continues to make global headlines as the nation undergoes economic transitions and the state bravely denounces US intervention in the region. The recent assassination attempt against President Nicolás Maduro along with sustained threats of a potential coup d'état by the Trump administration attest to US interests bent on toppling one of Latin America and the Caribbean's contemporary examples of a 21st Century Socialist project under construction.[5]

Solidarity with Venezuela

Gabriel Strachota April 18, 2013:

Share widely:: 3pm Sunday 4/21 in LA @ MacArthur Park:

The US is once again working with the Venezuelan right wing to destabilize Venezuela & undermine 21st century socialism. We say no!

Democracy Now! Breaks it down:



NYC: — with Jas Wade, Carlos Monsanto, Jeanette Charles, Christen Hebrard, Francisca Porchas, Sunyoung Yang, Manuel Criollo, Kelly Archbold, Tammy Bang Luu, Eric Romann and Patrisse Cullors.


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