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Jason Murphy

DSAers for the New Party

On 1995, four young Democratic Socialists of America members, Maggie Dyer and Jason Murphy of Little Rock, Arkansas, Matt Mayers Cambridge, Massachusetts and Eric Olson College Park, Maryland, wrote a letter to Democratic Left, July/August issue, advocating that DSA support the New Party.[1]

A New Party wouldn't compete with DSA chapters—it would provide a structure in which DSA and other progressive groups could work together on electoral and issue campaigns.

It will take years for progressives to build a grassroots third party capable of competing for power at the national level. DSA members could be (and in many cases already are) vital participants in this effort. With the New Party and its strategy in mind, we should renew our dialogue on the need for and possibility of building a new progressive party in the U.S.

Democratic Socialists of America

In 1997, Jason Murphy was the Arkansas contact for Democratic Socialists of America.[2]


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