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Jasmyne Cannick worked for Laura Richardson.

"A letter from the movement to the movement'

In September 2019 Jasmyne Cannick was one of 100 black leaders, many affiliated with Liberation Road who signed A letter from the movement to the movement defending Maurice Moe Mitchell and Nelini Stamp of the Working Families Party for endorsing Elizabeth Warren instead of Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

Standing for AD 53

In 2019 Jasmyne Cannick stood from AD 53 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

Jasmyne Cannick is known for her ability to speak truth to power as a journalist and television and radio commentator focusing on political, race and social issues. She was selected as one of ESSENCE Magazine’s 25 Women Shaping the World, one of the Most Influential African-Americans in Los Angeles Under 40 and one of Los Angeles’ Most Fascinating Angelenos by the L.A. Weekly. A forward thinker with the ability to tackle hard to address issues from an unapologetically Black point of view, Jasmyne continues to successfully bring a logical mindset, including innovative theories to the art and practice of storytelling in the 21st century. She is widely known and heralded for her efforts to shape public opinion and encourage civic engagement for positive social change while advocating for underrepresented and marginalized communities.

In 2018, Ms. Cannick led the effort as campaign director for Reform L.A. Jails, a criminal justice reform ballot measure that will appear on the 2020 ballot in Los Angeles County.

Jasmyne Cannick has worked to perfect the art and science of promoting social issues for today’s audiences. She has been tapped to work at all levels of government including successfully serving several terms as a press secretary in the California State Assembly before going to Washington D.C. to work in the House of Representatives..[1]