Janet Kobren

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Janet Kobren

Janet Kobren is a California activist.

DSA california committee

In 1990, Chani Beeman served on the California committee of Democratic Socialists of America.[1]

California DSA “Key” list

In 1993 Janet Kobren of San Fransisco was on a list of “Key’ California Democratic Socialists of America contacts.[2]

DSA contact

In 1993 Janet Kobren was, Marin County California contact for Democratic Socialists of America.[3]

Free Palestine Movement

Kobren, a co-founder of the Free Palestine Movement, is a Jewish American living in Oakland, California, a former public high school math teacher and information technology professional who has worked on numerous social justice, environmental, housing justice, democratic media, and human rights issues. She was a member of the Free Gaza Movement Steering Committee and worked behind-the-scenes on FGM's first successful voyage by two small boats that broke the siege of Gaza in August 2008.[4]


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