Janelle Jackson

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Janelle Jackson

Janelle Jackson is a rank and file organizer for Concerned Citizens for Justice and a poet in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She is associated with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

FRSO connection

Brandon Shaw wrote an article and poem for the Freedom Road Socialist Organization website "44 years after Fred Hampton’s murder, the struggle continues", posted on Wednesday December 4th, 2013 with Janelle Jackson.

Chattanooga arrest

Four people were arrested October 22, 2014, while protesting street violence and police brutality at the intersection of Main Street and Market Street in Chattanooga.

About a dozen protesters were marching with Concerned Citizens for Justice as part of a national day of protests and were arrested when they entered the intersection and blocked traffic, the group said on its Facebook page.

Ash-Lee Henderson, 29, Janelle Jackson, 34, Michael Heath, 22, and Madison Dillard, 20, were all arrested and charged with inciting to riot and obstructing a highway. Jackson was also charged with resisting arrest.

The Chattanooga Police Department reported that it monitored the event and asked the individuals to clear the blocked roadway to ensure the safety of all citizens, including those protesting. [1]

Ferguson/Black Lives matter

Center Montague Simmons Jacob Branson, Emma Louise Mutrux, back right Steve Hollis, right Janelle Jackson

Freedom Road Socialist Organization members and friends in Ferguson.