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Jane Dugdale

Open Letter to Obama on Iran

In 2008 Jane Dugdale an Activist Grandma, Bryn Mawr, PA signed an online petition “A Open Letter to Barack Obama on Iran”.[1]

Cutting military spending


Philadelphia City Council, by a vote of 15-2, passed April 2015, a resolution "calling on the U.S. Congress to bring all U.S. troops home from Afghanistan, to take the funds saved by that action and by significantly cutting the Pentagon budget, and to use that money to fund education, public and private sector family-sustaining job creation, special protections for military sector workers, environmental and infrastructure restoration, care for veterans and their fammilies, and human services that our cities and states so desperately need."

Introduced by Councilmember Maria Quinones-Sanchez on April 12 with six other co-sponsors , the resolution was drafted by the Delaware Valley New Priorities Network, comprised of dozens of labor, neighborhood, faith, and peace organizations.

Councilmember Maria Quinones-Sanchez, who successfully introduced the resolution to Redirect Military Spending to Fund Our Communities, posed outside Philadelphia City Council Chambers with some of the members of the Delaware Valley New Priorities Network, which drafted the resolution, passed by Philadelphia City Council June 21 by 15-2. From left, Andrew Deffley, philadelphiacommunities.com; Jane Dugdale, Main Line Peace Action; Councilmember Quinones-Sanchez; Ben Sears, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, retirees; Bob Smith, Brandywine Peace Community; John Braxton, Faculty and Staff Federation of Community College of Philadelphia; Ken Heard, National Writers Union.[2]


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