Jan Sunoo

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Jan Sunoo

Jan Sunoo is a Southern California activist.

ASI activist

Brenda Sunoo, Jan Sunoo, Michio Kaku, and Eddie Kochiyama were all active in Asians in the Spirit of the Indo-Chinese (ASI), at City College in the early 1970s. The group was designed to guarantee an Asian presence in the Anti-Vietnam War movement.[1]


Like many Asian American radicals in the last '60s and '70s, Brenda Sunoo and Jan Sunoo were "politically dizzied by the democratic movements of the Third World, particularly those in China, Vietnam, and Korea". [2]

We marched against the war in Vietnam. We published a Korean American human rights newsletter called Insight and organized the first street demonstrations for Korean reunification at the United Nations in 1972. I even sewed a South and North Korean flag that flapped in the wind on First Avenue -- the first public display of solidarity for one Korea.


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