James F. Harrington

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James F. Harrington

Template:TOCnestleft James F. Harrington was one of the original three members of the Houston Communist Party.

Communist Party

James F. Harrington was, in 2012, a member of the Communist Party USA.

In 2012 he sided with expelled Club chair James Thompson.

As one of the original three members of the current Houston Communist Party, I am very appalled by the recent coup d’état against our wonderful and thriving club.
Over the recent years, the Houston CP has been very active. It has sponsored an exhibition of works of art by Antonio Guerrero, a member of The Cuban Five.
Several of our members, myself included, have tirelessly worked on behalf of the rights of the Palestinians.
I am deeply disturbed by the cunning and subversive actions of the leader of this coup.
He is nothing but an opportunist and party destroyer!
For the last seven months, I watched him very closely as he courted our clubs newer and younger members until he he was ready to implement his coup d’état!
Until the very last minute, he pretended to be a loyal member of our club.
Now that he and his fellow renegade members have their very own officially recognized club, they will all have to tow the line of their masters.
They shall join together in an intertwined Dance of Death with their anti-Communist leadership.
The very same leadership (or lack of) that has gotten rid of the party’s weekly newspaper. That wants to drop the name Communist and Party from the name of the national organization! That wants all its members to support the Imperialist Warmonger Obama with no questions asked.
I shall remain a loyal and devoted member of the Houston Communist Party till my last breath.
I am expecting with great joy, my being suspended by the Webb organization. I shall wear this tribute as a Red Badge of Courage![1]