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James Cole is an Austin Texas activist.



Guest host Alice Embree — who is sitting in for Rag Radio producer and host Thorne Dreyer — interviews two Austin-based health justice advocates, James Cole and Nicole Stasek. James, a union member working in television production, is secretary of Austin’s 800-member chapter of Democratic Socialists of America. Nicole is a union electrician, and member of Young Activist Labor Leaders (YALL), and the Work Strong Austin coalition. DSA and Work Strong Austin have joined forces to canvass door-to-door on health care.[1]

Open Letter to Obama on Iran

In 2008 James Cole, Univ. of Denver of Littleton, CO signed an online petition “A Open Letter to Barack Obama on Iran”.[2]

Committee to Defend Diane Bukowski and Freedom of the Press

In 2009 James Cole was listed as a supporter of the Committee to Defend Diane Bukowski and Freedom of the Press[3]

Endorsing Fetonte

Austin Democratic Socialists of America members who endorsed Danny Fetonte when he ran for DSA NPC in 2017 included Liz Garcia, Chau Ngo, Jim Tourtelott, Bobbie Tsukahara, Nikki Reese, Julie Ann Nitsch, Taylor Jones, Seth Hutchinson, Jacob Aronowitz, James Cole, Gil Starkey, Barbara Fetonte, Mickey Fetonte, Bob Gibbons, Ron Nelson, Ahmed Abdel-Meguid, Yolanda Delgado, Priscilla Echegaray, Sophia Donnelly, Roy Woody, Susanna Woody, Liliana Mendoza, Chris Wang, Colin Gray, Omar Kadir, Molly Middleton, Derek Brozowski, Guilherme Nettesheim, Steve Voytowich, Chance Walker, Mike Gross, Rachel Castignoli, Bob Gibbons, Cynthia Mancha – Austin.[4]

Alternate delegate

James Cole was an alternate delegate from Austin Democratic Socialists of America at the Democratic Socialists of America National Convention, August 2017 in Chicago.[5]

Austin DSA Socialist Feminist Book Club

James Cole was a member of Austin Democratic Socialists of America Socialist Feminist Book Club Public Facebook Group, as of September 15, 2017;[6]

Austin DSA comrades

Glenn Scott August 11, 2017 ·


DSA members beat the heat in Atx at july 29 Our Lives On the Line rally and march to stop Trumpcare ! Front row, Danny Saenz & David Wittie,(back row) David Pinkham , Ryan Rosshirt , Robin Hofpauer, Chau Lan Ngo, Monica Olvera , Cynthia Mancha, James Cole, Courtney Szigetvari, Roy Woody, Glenn Scott, Linda Kniolek & Akhil Mulgonaert.

2017 Austin DSA leadership


New leadership for Austin Democratic Socialists of America, November 2017.

2018/19 executive


2018/19 Austin Democratic Socialists of America executive.

2019/20 executive

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2019/20 Austin Democratic Socialists of America executive.

Condemning U.S.-led airstrikes on Syria

Ryan Pollock, Rodney Florence, Adrian Boutureira and James Cole demonstrates against the U.S. airstrikes in Syria at a protest at the Capitol on Aril 15 2018.

Drivers, with their car horns and thumbs-ups, encouraged about 50 protesters at the south entrance of the Capitol grounds Sunday afternoon condemning U.S.-led airstrikes on Syria.

President Donald Trump announced the airstrikes late Friday amid suspicion that Syrian President Bashar Assad had used chemical weapons against his own people in a rebel-held area near the nation’s capital. The attack reportedly killed at least 40 people. Syria has been in a civil war for seven years.

“No justice, no peace; U.S. out of Middle East,” and “One, two, three, four, we don’t want your racist war; five, six, seven, eight, Syria’s a sovereign state,” were some of the chants protesters hurled toward traffic and pedestrians where Congress Avenue meets 11th Street downtown.

The United States, Britain and France unilaterally and illegally struck sites in Syria, and did so without proof Assad was responsible for the chemical weapons attack, said Adrian Boutureira, one of the founding members of the Austin chapter of No War With Syria and a leader in the Travis County Green Party.

Democratic Socialists of America member David Hamilton said he doesn’t trust the word of American intelligence officials, citing the Iran-Contra affair, the lack of evidence of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction after the U.S. invaded for that reason and the allegation that former National Intelligence Director James Clapper lied under oath before Congress when asked if the National Security Agency collects data on Americans in the United States.

David Durbin, a member of Austin Anti War and No War With Syria Austin, said he’s skeptical about the narrative used to warrant airstrikes.

“I think there was a chemical attack,” he said. “I don’t think we have evidence about who did it.”

Even if Assad was responsible, American involvement in the civil war will make matters worse, he said.

“It’s just going to drag on the killing of civilians and the war,” Durbin said.

Protester Amina Choudhury said American involvement is “very messy.” The United States conducted airstrikes almost exactly one year ago Friday because of a chemical attack, yet Assad is still in power, and the rebels are losing the war, she said.

Trump wanted to send a message to Assad with the airstrikes, but “there is no message being sent,” Choudhury said.

Members of Austin Anti War, No War With Syria Austin, Democratic Socialists of America, Travis County Green Party, International Socialist Organization, Veterans for Peace and ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition participated in the protest. Members of Open Cathedral, a progressive church in Leander, also attended the rally to supply water and first aid if needed.[7]


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