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Jade Walker

Jade Walker (aka) Jade Gleaner) is currently the Field Organizer & Political Education Coordinator at 350vt.org. Jade has been a member of the Vermont Workers Center’s Education Committee (PULL) for 1 1/2 years and represented PULL on the Steering Committee. She first joined the VWC as a member of the People's Media Project in 2012 at the People's Convention, and was elected to the CoCo in November of 2014. Prior to relocating in Vermont, she operated an urban education farm & self determination community organizing project called the Mill Creek Farm in west Philadelphia.

She has a bachelors degree from UVM & an associates in non-profit management from La Salle University. She is a graduate of the “Anti-Racism for Collective Liberation” leadership development program of the Catalyst Project in Oakland, and currently sits on the board of The Wheelock Mountain Farm and Popular Education Center, on the advisory board of Grow Dat Farm in New Orleans, and on the action team of “Showing Up for Racial Justice,” a National network of white people organizing for racial justice.[1]


Showing Up for Racial Justice Central VermontPlainfield, VT - Bruin Runyan, Madeline Sharrow, Jade Walker.