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Jacob (Jack) Goldringwas a prominent Communist Party USA member.

Early life/career

Jack Goldring was born 5 March 1915 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Goldring's family moved to Hartford, Connecticut, in 1928 when Jack was thirteen. In 1932, he graduated from high school, and, unable to find steady employment, entered Central Connecticut College in 1934. Five months later, he enrolled in Connecticut State College in Storrs, where he participated in the R.O.T.C. program, and graduated in 1938 with a BS in math and social science. While a student, Goldring was also a member of the National Guard. In 1942, General Electric in Bridgeport, Connecticut, hired Goldring. In November of that year, he joined the Air Force, serving in the Pacific Theatre during World War II. He was honorably discharged in February 1946, and returned to G.E., where he was active in the union, serving as a shop steward from 1946-1947[1].

Communist Party

In 1947, Goldring left G.E. to assume a post in the Connecticut Communist Party.

After becoming a party member in 1936, Goldring held many posts in the party's state apparatus; among them, Chairman of the Stamford Branch, 1938-1940; Chairman, G.E. Club, Bridgeport, 1946-1947; Fairfield County Chairman, 1947, 1952; and Legislative Director, 1954.

In May of 1954, Goldring's communist affiliations led to his arrest by the F.B.I. Charged under the provisions of the Smith Act for pursuing subversive activities, his case was eventually dismissed on a technicality[2].

Supporting Committees of Correspondence

In 1995 Goldring was listed[3] as one of the "CoC members and friends" donating to Committees of Correspondence. He contributed $25.