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Ivan Beavis died in 2018. Partner of Christiane Ohsan.

Tribute to Mary Rosser

Comrades and friends of Mary Rosser assembled November 2011 evening at the Marx Memorial Library to pay tribute to a lifetime of work and struggle given by the late Mary Rosser to communism and the cause of the working class.

The event was chaired by John Aitkin, chair of the MML and platform speakers included the library’s president, David McLellan, who is a Marxist scholar and writer, veteran communist and MML supporter Joan Bellamy, former MML librarian Tish Collins and current librarian John Callow.

But the keynote speaker was Mike Hicks, Mary’s partner and veteran trade unionist, who led the fight against the Murdoch empire in the battle of Wapping.

All paid tribute to the work Mary had done, both for the library and for the Morning Star, through the dark days of the late 1980s and 90s, when world communism was in retreat and Marxism-Leninism was under heavy attack, beset by revisionists, liquidationists, debts and bailiffs.

Mary, educated in a Catholic girls school, had an inner core of steel and a capacity for relentless work and organisation that saw off many threats.

From the floor Ivan Beavis, who had on occasions crossed swords with Mary, acknowledged the work she had done in securing the continued existence of both the MML and the Morning Star in very difficult times.

Mary and Mike retired a few years ago to live in Bournemouth, her home town. But they did not stop fighting; they revitalised and reorganised their local Labour Party – and a large delegation from that party, led by Pete Willsman, was there to add their tribute.[1]

Morning Star


Circa 2008 Ivan Beavis worked for the Morning Star.

CPB executive committee


In 2008 the Communist Party of Britain executive committee consisted of Carol Turner, Ivan Beavis, Geoff Bottoms, Mary Davis, John Foster, Pauline Fraser, Bill Greenshields, Robert Griffiths, Anita Halpin, Kevin Halpin, John Haylett, Joel Heyes, Steve Johnson, Carolyn Jones, Martin Levy, Gawain Little, Alan MacKinnon, Emily Mann, Tommy Morrison, Andrew Murray, Rick Newnham, Ben Stevenson, Graham Stevenson, Carol Turner and Anita Wright.[2]

In the mid 1990s Mary Davies and Ivan Beavis were voted on to the Communist Party of Britain EC despite not being on the recommended list.


In the mid 1990s Mary Davis and Ivan Beavis were voted on to the Communist Party of Britain EC despite not being on the recommended list.

Young communist

Born in Ealing, Ivan Beavis attended what his classmate John Hendy QC calls the “second rate” Walpole Grammar School in Northfields where “Ivan did even more miserably than I did at O-level and bailed out, I think, at 16.”

Hendy recalls being, with Ivan, “part of a significant grouping of young communists in the school,” where the Communist Party candidate was pipped by the Liberal in a school mock election.[3]