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Isador Brooks (September 1, 1892 - January 6, 1934) came to the United States from Poland in 1906. He first lived in New York City and worked as a pants maker. Soon after his arrival he met Bessie Shapiro, his private English tutor, whom he married in 1912. The couple relocated to Albany, New York, where their three daughters, Miriam Brooks, Eleanor Brooks and Dorothy Brooks were born. [1]

Los Angeles

In 1927 the family moved to Los Angeles where Isador managed a cooperative restaurant in Boyle Heights. Most of his working life Isador had a dental supply business.

Isador became an active member of the Communist Party USA in 1919 and was on the Section Committee of the Los Angeles Party. He was a prominent leader in the Pioneers and youth and children's groups within the party, and was the Educational Director for the Communist Party USA. In 1932, Isador was arrested by Los Angeles Police Chief William F. Hynes' Red Squad. He was so severely beaten by them that it permanently affected his health and he died two years later.

After Isador's death Bessie continued to run the dental supply business, then moved back to Albany, New York where she married Dan Halpert in 1936. They returned to Los Angeles, but separated. Bessie later married Max Hirsh.[2]