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Isabel Kang

Isabel Kang is a founding member of Korean American Women In Need. She describes herself as "A radical activist, person of color, immigrant, working class allegiance, mother, WOMAN!"[1]

National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum

In 2011, Isabel Kang was profiled at the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, which were "selected from a national pool of fierce sisters working across the country. They're multi-issue, multi-faceted, multi-ethnic movers and shakers. They're artists, activists, moms, attorneys, organizers, students. Together, we'll redefine women leadership and lift up the progressive movement for APA women and girls."[2]

"Isabel Kang is a fierce APA woman leader through her work as the director of Shimtuh, a domestic violence and sexual assault program based at the Korean Community Center of the East Bay (KCCEB), a multi-service organization located in Oakland. For over ten years, Isabel has counseled thousands of survivors from all over the U.S. on Shimtuh's helpline, met with women to talk about the options available to them, and served as a liaison in a criminal justice system that often fails to provide adequate interpretation services for non-English speaking immigrant women. Additionally, Isabel tries to help women within a Korean cultural framework, rather than necessarily going after perpetrators in court. Articulate, tireless, and passionate, Isabel redefines what it means to be an APA woman leader by helping countless women discover the warrior within themselves."

Profiled Women



As reported at BROAD Magazine,[3] the founders of Korean American Women In Need are as follows:

2009 15th Anniversary Fundraiser "Rooted in Movement"

In 2009, NAKASEC held a fundraiser called "Rooted in Movement."[4],[5]

Standing Up for Justice Awardees