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Iris Brilliant is Donor Advisor to the Movement Voter Project.

Iris Brilliant is a money coach and philanthropic advisor for social justice-oriented donors. She supports donors to finance long-term social change, guides donors towards a life of integrity, courage and generosity, and helps transform how donors relate to money. She is based in Berkeley, CA.

As a National Organizer at Resource Generation for four years, Iris developed the skills to mentor, fundraise and organize young people with wealth who care deeply about social justice. She then started her own business to make more impactful one-on-one change for philanthropic leaders and individual donors. Iris is a certified coach (CPCC) in the Co-Active model.

Iris is excited to join the MVP team to help donors boldly fund the grassroots organizing that will help win 2020 election, and to support donors to take on political giving for the long-haul.[1]


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