International Unemployment Day

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The New York Times front page on 7 March 1930, the day following the march

International Unemployment Day was on March 6, 1930, led by the Communist Party USA, which demanded unemployment insurance. They organized in unions, schools, street corners, and sports clubs nation-wide. New York City and Detroit were the largest gatherings.

“All police on duty to avert violence at Red rally today,” read theNew York Timesheadline in the morning of March 6.

An estimated 100,000 unemployed workers came out that day in New York City. When the demonstrators attempted to march to City Hall, the police attacked, injuring and arresting dozens marchers.

CPUSA leader William Z. Foster went to prison for six months for organizing the march.[1]

During the demonstration Steve Nelson, Joe Dallet, Oliver Law and eleven other activists were arrested and beaten by the police.[2]