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Institute for World Order/World Disarmament Campaign, based in New York, NY, played a key role in training disarmament campaign organizers. IWO plays a role in a number of ways parallel to the Institute for Policy Studies, but without IPS's emphasis on cultivating activists and supervising the formation of new organizations to serve shifting left campaigns.[1]


Eighteen disarmament briefings to which the United Nations correspondents and another 275 New York-based reporters are invited have been scheduled prior to SSD-II. On the average, 25 reporters attend. Speakers to date have included Herbert Scoville, Robert Lifton and Dr. Jack Geiger of PSR. On February 25, 1982, the IWO/WDC initiated a two-session "problem-solving theater" in cooperation with all the other leftist and disarmament groups at 777 U.N. Plaza. The IWO subsidizes a network of 28 scholars both in the United States and Europe and has "a network of over 75 to research ways to transform the system of international relations." Many IWO scholars and officers have been closely associated with IPS. Among these are Richard Barnet and Richard Falk, also active with the International Association of Democratic Lawyers. IWO's 30,000-name mailing list includes 10,000 teachers. It has a staff of 18.

IWO/WDC coordinator Carolyn Krebs has an information packet distributed free to editors, writers, and media people of 35 items which have been carefully selected "to avoid a diatribe tone."[1]