Ingrid Beckers

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Ingrid Beckers

Ingrid Beckers is a New Zealand activist.

Youth Union Movement

October 2006 - This year’s Youth Union Movement camp is now underway in Northland, where the campaign to end youth rates will be firmly on the agenda.

Young unionists are meeting at Kotare Trust in Wellsford today, Saturday and Sunday, at the biennial YUM camp.

The campaign to eliminate youth rates will be a major focus of the camp, as will planning YUM actions in the year to come.

YUM recently elected two Auckland co-convenors Tom Buckley (Unite) and Ingrid Beckers (NDU), to work with Wellington co-convenor Hina Short (PSA).

"Exposure tour" to the Philippines

From Luke Coxon in the Philippine Solidarity Network of Aotearoa's Kapatiran Issue No. 32, October 2009;

AN EXPOSURE WITH THE KMU:Lessons In Genuine Trade Unionism

It had been 11 years since my last visit to the Philippines. At that time I was a student activist and was hosted by the League of Filipino Students. I attended the Peoples Conference against Imperialist Globalisation and rallies against the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and then spent a month in the Cordillera with indigenous communities and mine workers organising against the rapacious activities of transnational mining corporations. It was a life changing experience for me.
In 2008 I was very excited to be able to return to the Philippines after so long and this time was accompanied by two of my comrades from the National Distribution Union, Simon Oosterman and Ingrid Beckers. We would be hosted by the militant trade union federation Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) or May First Movement and immersed in struggling communities for three weeks. I also had the opportunity to join an international fact finding mission to investigate violations of human rights and trade union rights.

We arrived in the early hours of March 8, 2008, it was International Women’s Day and Manila was steaming with protests.