Ife Kilimanjaro

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Ife Kilimanjaro

Ife Kilimanjaro is a Consultant at Building Equity and Alignment for Impact initiative of the Overbrook Foundation, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Area. She also works with Greenpeace US, Building Equity and Alignment for Impact initiative of the Overbrook Foundation.


Howard University.

Climate Change COP 20

Nearly three months after mobilizing over 19,000 people with the Climate Justice Alliance to the People’s Climate March and Summit in New York City during September 2014, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) is leading a delegation of 12 grassroots leaders from frontline communities impacted by economic crisis and climate change in the United States to the People’s Summit on Climate Change COP 20 in Lima, Peru from December 8–11, 2014.

Four leading delegates were;

Kali Akuno, Coordinator, Cooperation Jackson, Jackson MS, United States, Diana Lopez, Director, Southwest Workers Union, San Antonio, TX, United States, Tom B.K. Goldtooth, Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network, Bemidji, MN, United States, Cindy Wiesner, National Coordinator, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance; Co-Director, Climate Justice Alliance.

PR contacts were Ife Kilimanjaro in Lima, and Shaun Grogan-Brown in the US.[1]

Ife Kilimanjaro was co-director of the East Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC) and one of the three delegates from the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance at the Venezuela Social Pre-COP, along with Tom Goldtooth (Indigenous Environmental Network) and Diana Lopez (Southwest Workers Union).[2]

Ear to the Ground Project

Ear to the Ground Project;

We would like to express our deep respect and appreciation for everyone who took the time to talk with us, and the organizations that generously hosted us during our travels. Interviews were confidential, but the following people have agreed to have their names listed for this publication:

Most of those listed were connected to Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Ife Kilimanjaro was among those on the list. [3]

The Black Activist

The Black Activist is the journal of the Black Left Unity Network.

Editorial working group:Issue 3 / Spring 2014.

Abdul AlkalimatSam AndersonRose BrewerIfe KilimanjaroT. Menelik Van Der MeerAskia Muhammad ToureSaladin Muhammad.

Left Forum 2014

Race, Class, and Climate Change: Advancing Movement Building Towards Climate Justice