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Ian Lavery

Ian Lavery(born 6 January 1963) is a British Labour Party politician who has served as the Member of Parliament for Wansbeck since 2010. He served as the Chair of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn from 2017 to 2020 and was President of the National Union of Mineworkers from 2002 to 2010.

Early life and education

Ian Lavery was born in Newcastle upon Tyne. After leaving East School, Lavery began a Youth Training Scheme before working in the construction industry. Following a recruitment campaign by the National Coal Board, he started work at Lynemouth Colliery in January 1980. In July 1980, Lavery started a mining craft apprenticeship, transferring to Ellington Colliery in 1981 and attended New College Durham, receiving an Higher National Certificate in mining engineering.

Union and early political career

In 1986, Ian Lavery was elected onto the National Union of Mineworkers committee at Ellington Colliery as compensation secretary. Later, he was voted on to the Northumberland Executive Committee, and then on to the North East Area Executive Committee. He has said that because of his union activity, he was barred by management from completing his Higher National Diploma qualification:

In 1992, Lavery stood for the national executive committee of the NUM. In the subsequent ballot, he was elected in the first round having gained more than 50% of the vote. When Arthur Scargill stood down as NUM president in August 2002, Lavery was elected unopposed to replace him


On 8 May 2015, Lavery was re-elected as the MP for Wansbeck with a majority of 10,881. After Ed Miliband resigned as leader of the Labour Party, Lavery was considered a potential candidate from the left wing of the party to run for the leadership. He declined, and supported Andy Burnham in the subsequent leadership election which was won by Jeremy Corbyn. In September 2015, Corbyn appointed him shadow minister for trade unions and civil society.

When Corbyn was challenged by Owen Smith in the 2016 Labour Party leadership election, Lavery supported Corbyn.

In 2016, it was reported that Lavery had received £165,387 from the NUM, the union he had run. A union fund provided him a loan of £72,500 to buy a house in 1994, which was written off in 2003 when Lavery was NUM president. He kept £18,000 returned by an endowment fund he had paid into to repay the cost of the house, and received £89,887.83 in termination payments from the union. He paid back £15,000 of the redundancy payment. Allegations of impropriety were examined by the Trades Union Certification Officer, who in 2017 found that there were no documents detailing the process or decision about Lavery's redundancy, so no investigation followed.

Lavery was appointed as Labour's national campaign co-ordinator, serving jointly with Andrew Gwynne in February 2017.

Socialist Campaign Group

In 2021 Ian Lavery was member of the Socialist Campaign Group in the House of Parliament.

Backing Tarry

Labour went into meltdown July 28, 2022 as union leaders and MPs blasted Keir Starmer for sacking Sam Tarry from his front-bench team.

The fallout came as former shadow chancellor John McDonnell backed calls for a general strike.

Sir Keir faced an open revolt in the party after sacking Mr Tarry as his shadow transport minister for joining a rail strike picket line on Wednesday and for giving a round of media interviews without permission.

The Labour leader’s move has been met with fury by union leaders and the left of the party.

In a statement, Mr Tarry said: “I remain committed to supporting the striking rail workers, and campaigning for a Labour victory at the next general election, which I will fight for relentlessly from the back benches.”

Mr Tarry received messages of solidarity from many of his parliamentary Labour colleagues.

Former shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said supporting picket lines was “socialism 101 for MPs.”

Labour MP Grahame Morris said: “Where should a Labour shadow transport minister be, other than on the picket line, supporting transport key workers seeking to defend their jobs, terms and conditions.”

Former Labour Party chairman Ian Lavery called the sacking “shameful.”

On Wednesday, RMT general secretary Mick Lynch called for a general strike in retaliation to the government’s threat to curb industrial action, warning of “the biggest resistance mounted by the entire trade union movement.”

Mr McDonnell said he would support a general strike by unions.

The veteran MP said he had “never seen this level of anger, but also this level of solidarity — wave after wave of trade unions.”

Mr McDonnell added: “We can’t go on like this — we have got to protect people … and if that means co-ordinated action to make it more effective and to resolve disputes much more quickly, well, so be it.”[1]

"Socialism - Unity - Internationalism"

Screenshot 2022-05-13 074005.png

Socialism - Unity - Internationalism: Tribune & Arise eve of May Day Rally

Ian Lavery // Diane Abbott // Richard Burgon // Jess Barnard, Young Labour // Ronan Burtenshaw, Tribune // Kate Hudson, CND // Sarah Woolley, BFAWU // Holly Turner, NHS Workers Say No // Chaired by Daisy Carter, Young Labour.

With international guests including...

Txema Guijarro, Spanish Congress Member & General Secretary of Podemos' Parliamentary Group // Varsha Gandikota, Progressive International // Nathalia Urban, Brasil Wire // Guillaume Long, former Ecuadorian Foreign Minister // Bhaskar Sunkara, Jacobin Magazine.

At this time of deep crises internationally and here in Britain, now is the time to come together in struggle and put forward socialist solutions. Start the May Day weekend with a bang with this joint international online rally on April 30!

Hosted by Arise Festival & Tribune Magazine.[2]

Stop the War Statement on Crisis in the Ukraine

Stop the War Statement on Crisis in the Ukraine was released February 18 2022.

Stop the War opposes any war over Ukraine, and believes the crisis should be settled on a basis which recognises the right of the Ukrainian people to self-determination and addresses Russia’s security concerns.

Our focus is on the policies of the British government which have poured oil on the fire throughout this episode. In taking this position we do not endorse the nature or conduct of either the Russian or Ukrainian regimes.

The British government has talked up the threat of war continually, to the point where the Ukraine government has asked it to stop.

Unlike the French and German governments, it has advanced no proposals for a diplomatic solution to the crisis, and has contributed only sabre-rattling.

Indeed, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has even accused those seeking a peaceful settlement of preparing “another Munich.”

Instead, the British government has sent arms to Ukraine and deployed further troops to Eastern Europe, moves which serve no purpose other than inflaming tensions and indicating disdain for Russian concerns.

It has also declared that Ukraine has a “sovereign right” to join NATO, when no such right exists to join it or any other military alliance.

Britain needs to change its policy, and start working for peace, not confrontation.

Stop the War believes that Russia and Ukraine should reach a diplomatic settlement of the tensions between them, on the basis of the Minsk-2 agreement already signed by both states.

It believes NATO should call a halt to its eastward expansion and commit to a new security deal for Europe which meets the needs of all states and peoples.

We refute the idea that NATO is a defensive alliance, and believe its record in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and Libya over the last generation, not to mention the US-British attack on Iraq, clearly proves otherwise.

We support all efforts to reach new arms control agreements in Europe and to move towards nuclear disarmament across the continent.

We urge the entire anti-war movement to unite on the basis of challenging the British government’s aggressive posturing and direct its campaigning to that end above all.

The statement had been originally MPs signed by Diane Abbott, John McDonnell, Richard Burgon, Ian Lavery, Beth Winter, Zarah Sultana, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Apsana Begum, Mick Whitley, Tahir Ali and Ian Mearns. All withdrew their signatues after Labour Party pressure.[3]

Justice for Palestine

Justice for Palestine was a 15th May, 2021 letter from British Members of Parliament.

In the light of the Israeli Government’s military offensive on Gaza and its attacks on Palestinians in the Occupied Territories I have signed the following statement calling for Justice for Palestine issued by the Socialist Campaign Group...

As the former colonial power that issued the Balfour Declaration, and then was responsible for the Mandate leading up to the Nakba of 1948, Britain has a special responsibility to do all it can to ensure a just peace.

We, therefore, call on the UK government to:

  • Demand an end to the siege of Gaza and the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory.
  • Impose sanctions on Israel for its repeated violations of international law, place an embargo on arms sales and end trade with illegal settlements.
  • Demonstrate full support for the International Criminal Court’s opening of an investigation into alleged war crimes in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.
  • Recognise the state of Palestine.

Signatories included Ian Lavery MP.

Parliamentary Friends of Colombia

Justice for Colombia works closely with the Parliamentary Friends of Colombia group formed of over 60 MPs and Lords from the British Parliament.

The Parliamentary Friends of Colombia group monitors the human rights situation in Colombia and the policies of the British Government towards Colombia.

The Parliamentary Friends of Colombia group is currently (2021) formed of the following MPs:

Co-Chairs: Jo Stevens MP and Tony Lloyd MP

Vice-Chairs: Ian Lavery MP and Lord John Monks.

Anti-racism campaign

Leading British Black politician Clive Lewis MP is among a host of prominent figures who are backing the setting up of a new broad based national anti-racist campaign, which will be launched on Tuesday (November 2 2021) at a public meeting in London.

It coincides with the 30th anniversary this month of the founding of the Anti-Racist Alliance (ARA), which went on to become Europe’s largest Black-led movement and helped set up the ground-breaking Justice for Stephen Lawrence campaign.

Members of The Liberation Movement (TLM) say that the new organisation is aiming to build on the momentum created by the Black Lives Matter protests last summer.

Lewis said: “Racism and inequality have never been starker in Britain and elsewhere. The government’s hostile environment continues to scapegoat migrants, refugees and the Muslim community. You only need to witness the shocking situation where desperate people escaping war and poverty are drowning in the English Channel to realise how bad things are.”

He added: “From the Grenfell Tower fire, Windrush Scandal to the Covid pandemic, we see a heavier impact on people of colour. That’s why we need a black-led movement to fight-back against such injustices.”

TLM’s “Building a united anti-racist campaign” public meeting will take place at Conway Hall, Holborn in central London.

Among the high-profile speakers at the event will be Jacqui McKenzie, a leading Windrush campaigner and lawyer, Yvette Williams, co-ordinator of Justice4Grenfell, Chantelle Lunt, who runs the Merseyside Black Lives Matter Alliance in Liverpool, Azzees Minott, chair of Greens of Colour, Suresh Grover, director of The Monitoring Group, Barry Faulkner, a Unite the Union national officer, and Moshfiqur Noor, assistant general secretary of the Bangladesh Workers Council and Black and Jewish filmmaker Orson Nava.

The group says the line-up represents TLM’s emphasis on bringing together the broadest possible coalition of African Caribbean and Asian campaigners, community activists, trade unions and political parties.

As well as Clive Lewis, other politicians in support include Opposition frontbencher Rachael Maskell, Ian Lavery and the Green Party's Caroline Lucas. Celebrities like rapper Lowkey, comedian Alexei Sayle and actor Cathy Tyson also back the campaign.

A spokesperson for TLM said: “There has been robust criticism of racism in sections of the news media, especially the despicable online abuse suffered by the three young England footballers who took penalties for their team in this year’s Euro competition.

“On social media, sports, political and other Black public figures face unacceptable racist abuse, which has forced some of them off it. TLM demand this must be properly tackled by the authorities finding and clamping down heavily on those responsible.”

The spokesperson added: “TLM says anti-racism is most effective when white people join hands with African Caribbeans, Asians other people of colour. We believe that by uniting together racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism and all other forms of prejudice can be defeated.”

Racism and inequality have never been starker in Britain and elsewhere. The government’s hostile environment continues to scapegoat migrants, refugees and the Muslim community

Activists from the race equality campaign group Grassroots Black Left have played a key role in helping to establish TLM. Its co-chair Deborah Hobson, a National Union of Journalists executive council member and former treasurer of the union’s Black Member Council, said: “I’m proud to be one of the organisers of this much-needed new anti-racist initiative.

As examples of what the new organisation will do, Hobson said: “The Liberation Movement activists were at the event this month commemorating Jewish people, and their allies, including, trade unionists and socialists, who heroically stopped fascists marching in Cable Street, east London, in 1936. We will also be supporting the United Families and Friends annual event about deaths in custody in Trafalgar Square, London, at 12 noon on Saturday.”[4]

Cuba Solidarity at Labour Party Conference


Cuba Solidarity Campaign Monday, 4 October 2021.

After eighteen months and twenty online public meetings CSC was delighted to participate in and host our first face-to-face public meetings, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, in September.

At the Labour Party Conference in Brighton we were invited to speak at ‘The World Transformed’, the Young Labour rally, as well as organising a fringe meeting as part of the main conference fringe programme.

CSC’s conference exhibition stall was extremely busy all week. Several MPs including Ian Lavery, Kate Osborne and Bell Ribeiro-Addy had their photographs taken with our ‘End the US blockade, 60 years too long’ poster, and it was great to see many existing CSC members visit to say hello and give their support, as well as Labour Party delegates who came to ask questions, buy gifts and join. More than 20 new members were recruited during the week.[5]

Cuba Covid letter

April 15 2020, fifty one British members of parliament have written to Dominic Raab, the UK Foreign Secretary and acting Prime Minister to call for the US blockade of Cuba to be temporarily suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Grahame Morris MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Cuba, coordinated the letter which asks the British government to make a public statement and to raise the issue directly with its counterparts in the United States’ government.

The letter from the British parliamentarians cites examples from around the world where governments and international organisations have demanded that humanitarian aid be allowed in to Cuba to help the country fight COVID-19. It quotes Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Arancha Gonzalez, Spanish Foreign Minister, and Josep Borrell, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs, who have all publicly called for sanctions to be suspended to Cuba and other sanctioned countries to allow for the delivery of essential supplies and medicine to stop the spread of the virus.

Yours sincerely,

Grahame Morris MP, Chair, APPG Cuba.

Dan Carden MP, Vice Chair, Kate Osborne MP, Vice Chair, Kim Johnson MP, Vice Chair, Paula Barker MP, Vice Chair, Alison Thewliss MP Allan Dorans MP, Amy Callaghan MP, Andy McDonald MP, Apsana Begum MP, Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP, Beth Winter MP, Carol Monaghan MP, Chris Law MP, Chris Stephens MP, Claudia Webbe MP, Clive Lewis MP, Dave Doogan MP, Diane Abbott MP, Geraint Davies MP, Ian Byrne MP, Ian Mearns MP, Ian Lavery MP, Imran Hussain MP, Joanna Cherry MP, John McDonnell MP, Jon Trickett MP, Kate Osamor MP, Kenny MacAskill MP, Kirsten Oswald MP, Kirsty Blackman MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP, Margaret Ferrier MP, Marion Fellowes MP, Martyn Day MP, Mary Kelly Foy MP, Mick Whitley MP, Mike Amesbury MP, Mike Hill MP, Navendu Mishra MP, Olivia Blake MP, Owen Thompson MP, Rachel Hopkins MP, Richard Burgon MP, Ronnie Cowan MP, Sam Tarry MP, Sarah Champion MP, Stephen Bonnar MP, Stephen Flynn MP, Yasmin Qureshi MP, Zarah Sultana MP[6]

RMT Garden Party for Cuba, 2019


Ian Lavery with Young Labour activists.

‘Friends of Cuba’

Teresita Vicente, Cuban Ambassador, hosted over 100 ‘Friends of Cuba’ and special guests including parliamentarians, ambassadors, trade unionists, artists, journalists and lawyers at an exclusive reception at the Ambassador’s residency in St John’s Wood, London, May 2019 to thank them for their support for Cuba and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

Parliamentarians in attendance included Diane Abbott MP, Shadow Home Secretary, Ian Lavery MP, Chair of the Labour Party, Karen Lee MP, Chair of the APPG on Cuba, Laura Smith MP, Lord Alf Dubs, Baroness Gloria Hooper and former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone. Rocio Maniero, Ambassador of Venezuela, and leading trade unionists from Unite, UNISON, NEU, CWU, RMT and ASLEF and others were among the invited guests.

Karen Lee, Chair of the APPG on Cuba, gave a summary of her work on the APPG over the last two years, including hosting Miguel Diaz-Canel in Parliament: “to host the Cuban President in my country was the biggest honour”, she said.[7]

Miami Five Freedom Tour

After sixteen years in US jails, and a two year battle against the Home Secretary for visas to visit Britain, Cuban spies Rene Gonazalez and Gerardo Hernandez finally touched down on UK soil in the early hours of Friday 7 July 2016.

In the short time they were here for the Miami Five Freedom Tour, the two Cuban intelligence officers travelled more than 2,000 miles to speak at the most prestigious events in the British trade union and labour movement calendar.


The men and their families were warmly received at a joint Cuba Solidarity Campaign and All Party Parliamentary Group on Cuba parliamentary reception in the Jubilee Room in the Houses of Parliament. Parliamentarians from a broad range of parties attended including Labour, Conservatives, SNP, Sinn Fein and SDLP.

The reception was well attended by members of both the Commons and the Lords, with guests including Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Cat Smith, Ian Lavery, Catherine West, Chris Matheson, Chris Williamson, Richard Burgon, Francie Molloy, Chris Stephens, Mike Weir, Mark Durkan, Baroness Angela Smith, Baroness Gloria Hopper and Lord Richard Balfe.

Both Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell campaigned tirelessly for the freedom for the Miami Five whilst backbench MPs and have continued their support since becoming Leader of the Labour Party and Shadow Chancellor. They were both leading names in the campaign for visas for the Five and their involvement was instrumental in the eleventh hour visa victory. Speaking at the reception, Jeremy Corbyn paid tribute to “all those who campaigned for their freedom and attended the vigils outside the US embassy” over the years, many at which he had spoken.

Baroness Angela Smith, Leader of the Opposition in the House of Lords, hosted the event with Shadow Minister and chair of the APPG on Cuba, Cat Smith MP. Baroness Smith said: “The fact that the Five are free and here today shows that when we organise, when we campaign and when we fight together - we can win.”[8]

Defend Democracy in Bolivia

Defend Democracy in Bolivia was an October 2020 letter circulated by Friends of Bolivia.

MPs and Lords from the Labour Party, SNP and Sinn Fein, as well as nine trade union leaders and solidarity activists across the UK, sign a letter in support of Bolivian democracy ahead of this weekend's election.

Despite all of this, the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) is ahead in the polls ahead of the presidential election due to be held on October 18th, after numerous delays.

There are fears that these elections will not be free or fair and that right-wing, anti-democratic forces will once again seek to deny Bolivians their wish to build a progressive and democratic country.

We, the undersigned, therefore express our support for all those struggling for democracy, human rights, equality and social progress in Bolivia.

Signatories included Ian Lavery MP, Labour Party​.

The Right to Strike"

128800243 1370241616645946 8073278622185916678 n.jpg

Laura Pidcock, Howard Beckett, Ian Lavery MP, Shami Chakrabarti.

Socialism - Unity - Internationalism

178157638 4055476837850538 189809422416009826 n.jpg

Jeremy Corbyn, Richard Burgon, Ian Lavery, Apsana Begum, Dave Ward, Lara McNeill, Nadia Jama, Marisa Matias, Danielle Obono.

"The State of Work"

101406837 2944547822333136 4527687109636521984 n.jpg

Laura Pidcock, Ian Lavery MP, Howard Beckett, Emma Cockburn, Taj Salam, Sarah Carter.


FightBack2021 was held online January 2021. Thousands of Labour activists tuned in to be part of Arise Festival’s kickstart to a year of activism, ‘Fighting back in 2021: How Labour’s Left should respond to the current crisis’. Listeners heard from an impressive array of speakers, ranging from MPs in the Socialist Campaign Group, left journalists, trade unionists, and activists in the Labour Party and wider social movements. The message was loud and clear – the Labour left is here to stay, and will be at the forefront of both resisting the Tories’ reactionary agenda, and standing for socialist solutions to the crisis and democracy in the Labour Party.

140794191 3787632794634945 1932393750363174217 n.jpg

The final rally was chaired by Matt Willgress (Arise Festival National Organiser) and featured John McDonnell, Richard Burgon, Nadia Jama (Labour NEC), Rachel Garnham (CLPD), Matt Wrack (FBU General Secretary and LRC) and Ian Lavery.

Outlining an agenda for action for the new year, the panellists spoke to the theme of ‘Fighting back in 2021: Fighting for socialist solutions’. Nadia Jama set out a raft of measures Labour should support both immediately and in the long term, and emphasised the importance of supporting workers ‘not only when bosses abuse the rules, but when Ministers write rules that cannot responsibly be followed’.

Given the challenges outlined by the other panellists, Richard Burgon empathised with those who were struggling to maintain their political optimism in the new year, but concluded the rally by quoting the inspiring words of Salvador Allende, the Chilean President murdered in a US-backed fascist coup.

“As the final moments of his life came, Allende said ‘we will overcome this dark and bitter moment when treason seeks to prevail. Go forward knowing that sooner rather than later, the great avenues will open again, where free people walk to build a better society’.

“His voice endured those circumstances, his message endured the decades since then, and the spirit of that message lives on. Let’s keep it close to our hearts and know that however difficult it may seem, others have struggled against far far greater difficulties. We can fight; we must fight. If we do, we can win. Never has there been a more crucial time to win for the working class in all its diversity. That’s our duty. Now, let’s get to it”.[9]

"Socialist Solutions"

241620918 4460525170679034 118503868305405796 n.jpg

Labour Party conference fringe. Sponsored by Labour Assembly Against Austerity and Arise.

With Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP, John McDonnell MP, Richard Burgon MP, Dave Ward, Rebecca Long-Bailey MP, Ian Lavery MP, Sarah Woolley, Holly Turner, Ruth Hayes, Mark Serwotka, Steve Turner, Nadia Jama.

Communist Party connections

Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise webinar

Download (9).jpg

Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise May 18 2020.

LIVE: Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise is hosting an exciting discussion with MPs John McDonnell, Ian Lavery MP and Olivia Blake, about how worker-led community organising is key to rebuilding to our movement.

On May 18 2020 Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise is holding one of the most important yet of the online meetings and webinars that are taking place as the left adapts to organising in lockdown.

How Organised Labour is Rebuilding the Red Wall, which airs live at 7pm on Monday, will ask what lessons can be learned from Sheffield’s approach to city-wide organising. Sheffield Hallam’s new MP, Olivia Blake, will be joined by Wansbeck MP and former party chair Ian Lavery as well as ex-shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

Last year the Morning Star reported on Sheffield trades council’s joint initiative with the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union (BFAWU) to hire a city-wide organiser, “not tied to a particular trade union or specific company target,” to organise low-paid and precarious workers.

“We’d set out with the best intentions, putting out press releases condemning bad companies, showing up outside with a slogan and a banner but it wasn’t enough,” trades council secretary Martin Mayer said.

“On one of the McDonald’s campaigns we got our people to stand outside, calling for the boss to recognise the [BFAWU] union, but at the end of it we hadn’t really spoken to any staff. And [McStrike organiser] Gareth Lane pointed out we might even be alienating the workforce doing that. What we needed was an organiser.”

The trades council didn’t feel capable of handling PAYE, national insurance and so on, so it entered a partnership with the BFAWU in which it agreed to pay a part-time organiser with the union managing the rest. Mayer was surprised at how quickly the trades council managed to raise the cash needed, with much coming from union branches.

The role was part-time at first but it was going so well that after the first organiser left for another movement job, the BFAWU agreed to go 50-50 with the trades council on hiring a full-time organiser. Rohan Kon, who has a background in ACORN UK and Labour community organising, started in January on a 12-month contract.

Mayer says this has “transformed the Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise campaign.” He praises Kon for “keeping in touch with a whole army of low-paid workers in the city centre,” building up a network of volunteers who make initial contact with low-paid workers – mostly in hospitality, though some in retail and some in call centres – get details and pass to Kon who follows up. “She has longer and longer conversations with them, encourages them to work collectively, tries to get them into a union consciousness of fighting back and they then start asking for membership forms.”

The city-wide model is inspired by similar organising campaigns in the United States and Kon was sent to learn about the technique when she first got the post, working with union organisers in Durham, North Carolina.

Olivia Blake thinks the model is important not just for unions, but for the Labour Party as well. “Labour has a lot to learn from the likes of Fight for $15 in the US,” she tells the Morning Star. “It successfully changed the national agenda around low pay, winning respect and dignity for low-wage workers.

“Worker-led community organising has supported workers to strike to win a minimum wage rise to $15 an hour in state after state –raising wages for 22 million workers and keeping almost $70 billion in working-class communities rather than tax havens.”

It’s a method that Ian Lavery feels is crucial. “The community-organising model is the way the labour movement can reconnect with an ever more precarious workforce, who in many cases are unaware of what unions actually do.” Blake agrees: “This blend of workplace and community organising is vital to ensure workers feel supported and empowered to take on huge employers like McDonald’s. Entire families and communities are organised in support of workplace struggle.”[10]

Morning Star contributors

10644553 1725673561003645 5071002349001500498 o2015.jpg

Jeremy Corbyn, Len McCluskey, Matt Wrack, Louise Raw, Richard Burgon, Emily Maiden, Diane Abbott, Ken Livingstone, Ian Lavery, Elaine Smith, Bernadette Horton, Nathan Akehurst, Michelle Ryan, Grahame Morris, John Ellison.

Morning Star Labour


John McDonnell, Richard Leonard, Diane Abbott, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Richard Burgon, Salma Yaqoob.

Joined on platform by Ian Lavery, Ben Chacko, Len McCluskey, Paddy Lillis, Mick Whelan, Mick Cash, Manuel Cortes, Carolyn Jones Morning Star Management Committee.

Launching IER Manifesto for Labour Law


Ian Lavery with John Hendy QC and Prof. Keith Ewing launching Institute of Employment Rights Manifesto for Labour Law, June 2016.

Defending Corbyn, Ant-semitism charges

On Sunday 1st November Julia Bard spoke on behalf of the Jewish Socialists Group at a meeting to defend Jeremy Corbyn and the anti-racist, socialist politics he represents, following his summary suspension from the Labour Party. The meeting had 27,000 live views and was organised by the Radical Alliance. The event was chaired by Daniel Kebede and included Laura Pidcock, John McDonnell, James Schneider, Nadia Jama, Ian Lavery, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi and Andrew Feinstein, among others.[11]

123513793 3396228807165033 5527834732707778637 n.jpg

November 1 2020 Julia Bard, John McDonnell, Laura Smith, Laura Pidcock, James Schneider, Aaron Bastani, Roger McKenzie, Andrew Feinstein, Lindsey German, Salma Yaqoob, Howard Beckett, Nadia Jama, Daniel Kebede, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Ian Lavery, Tariq Ali took part in an online rally to defend Jeremy Corbyn from suspension from the Labour Party.

Agitating against Boris Johnson

Owen Jones Tweet agitating against Prime Minister Boris Johnson July 21 2019

On July 21 2019, Owen Jones tweeted "Let’s all take to the streets against Boris Johnson tomorrow."[12] He linked to a Facebook invitation sponsored by The People's Assembly Against Austerity, which was an anti-Boris Johnson rally[13] featuring John McDonnell MP, Caroline Lucas MP, Laura Pidcock MP, Richard Burgon MP, Dan Carden MP, Karen Lee MP, Dani Rowley MP, Emma Dentcoad MP,Laura Smith MP, Ian Lavery MP, Owen Jones, Eddie Dempsey – for RMT NEC, Lindsey GermanPeople’s Assembly, Fran Heathcote – PCS Union president, Liam Young – Author and Activist, Ben Chacko – editor of the Morning Star, Alex Kenny - NEU, Sabby Dhalu - Stand Up To Racism among others.

Not my Prime Minister Rally (screenshot from Facebook invitation)


October 2019;


Douglas Beattie, Matthew Brown, Lauren Conway, Dan Wilson Craw, Jamie Driscoll, Angela Duerden, Hugo Fearnley, Paul Feldman, Craig Hannaway, Ian Hodson, Ian McInroy, Carla Keegans, Ian Lavery MP, Clive Lewis MP, Sarah Jane McDonough, Paul Mason, Adam Mendum, Grahame Morris MP, Laura Parker, Laura Pidcock MP, Richinda Taylor, Paul Williams MP.

People Before Profit

107700901 3238427982888765 4394573859216880915 n.jpg

With John McDonnell MP, Ian Lavery MP, Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP, Claudia Webbe MP, Roger McKenzie UNISON, Grace Blakeley, Maya Goodfellow, Dr Mona Kamal, Laura McAlpine, Jon Trickett MP, Richard Burgon MP.