Hussein Beydoun

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Hussein Beydoun

DSA co-chair


Circa June 2 2020 Nada Daher and Hussein Beydoun were elected co-chairs of Greater Detroit Democratic Socialists of America.

Student debt town hall

Wayne State YDSA February 19 2020.


Thanks to everyone who came out to our student debt town hall last night, including our speakers Robbie Tribble and Thomas Gokey from Debt Collective, Hussein Beydoun from MI-CORE, and Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. We are ready to organize and fight for #CollegeForAll!

DSA connection

Greater Detroit Democratic Socialists of America's July 2019 General Meeting brought out Over a hundred people — many of them teachers — to talk about schools, the teacher strike wave, and the scourge of standardized testing, and to endorse Detroit DSA candidates in city council races.

Special guest Eric Blanc, author of Red State Revolt, was in town from New York to talk about the teacher strike wave sweeping the nation. Our own Hussein Beydoun and Jason Hackney spoke on a panel with Jamila Martin about the threats from standardized testing and for-profit charter schools and the state of funding for public education in Michigan.[1]