Holly Morcos

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Holly Morcos

Holly Morcos is the partner of Michael Quinn. She is a member of the Lanarkshire Young Communist League. Joined the YCL in 2018.[1]


Morcos andqunn.PNG

Holly Morcos and Michael Quinn.



Holly Morcos is a leading member of the Young Communist League of Britain.

Mary Davis in Glasgow, March 2022


Chelsea Dunne, Angela Rae, Mary Davis, Morgan Horn, Holly Morcos, Emily Weir.

YCL conference delegates

Lanarkshire Young Communist League delegates to the August 2021 Young Communist League of Britain national conference.


Craig Scott, Holly Morcos, Daniel Lambe, Michael Quinn.

Remembering the International Brigades

Lanarkshire Young Communist League.


Aiden O'Rourke, Jordan Bryce, Holly Morcos, Michael Quinn, Daniel Lambe.

YCLers in Dundee


William Morrison, Michael Quinn, Holly Morcos, Keiran Stewart.

Founding meeting

Lanarkshire Young Communist League founding meeting October 2019.


Michael Quinn, Gary Steele, Zoe McKeown, Holly Morcos.

Kevin Halpin School

According to Charlie May organisers from the Communist Party of Britain, Young Communist League of Britain and Labour Party gathered at the wonderful Wortley Hall near Sheffield March 2019 to attend a “Building for Socialism” residential school.

Attendees included YCL women’s organiser Holly Morcos, Tam Kirby of Fife People's Assembly, CPB general secretary Robert Griffiths, Jame Robinson, 19, from West Yorkshire, Morgan Horn, 22, from Scotland, Liz Payne, Alex Gordon, Bill Myers.[2]

Glasgow YCL comrades


Back row second from left Aiden O'Rourke, right Rory Pryde.

Middle row Zoe McKeown, Holly Morcos, Emma Louise Dullaghan, Johnnie Hunter.