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Herbert F. York

Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign

Circa early 1980s, Herbert York was an endorser of a US-Soviet Nuclear Weapons Freeze petition circulated by the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, National Clearinghouse, based in St. Louis, Missouri.

American Committee on East-West Accord

As at March 10, 1982, Herbert York, former U.S. negotiator for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty was a member of the American Committee on East-West Accord. The ACEWA, based in Washington, D.C., was a tax-exempt "independent educational organization", with the stated aim of "improving East/West relations, with special focus on U.S.-Soviet relations." York also endorsed the Kennedy-Hatfield Nuclear Freeze Resolution which was introduced in the Senate on March 10, 1982.[1]

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

As at April 1984, Herbert York served on the Board of Directors for The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists journal.[2]



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