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Helen Te Hira

Helen Te Hira is a New Zealand activist.


1979/85 Oruawharo Primary School Northland.

Kiwis for Kian!

Dennis Maga August 25, 2017 ·


Kiwis for Kian! #OFWs4Kian #Justice4Kian #StopTheKillings — with Helen Te Hira, Mandeep Singh Bela, Cameron Walker, Daphna Whitmore, Grace Liu, Mars McGlosky, Amie Dural-Maga and Mikee Santos.

Radical Society

1998 - Auckland editor of Radical Society's national newsletter.


1998 - executive member of newly formed UNITE union for unemployed people, Auckland.[1]

Got involved with UNITE through AUSA, was on founding committee.[2]


1999 MINUTES OF THE NTM HUI. HELD ON AUGUST 11, 1999 AT HINEAHUONE PRESENT: Vince, Sheryl, Karl, ALSO Helen Te Hira, Lena Henry, Tania Pritchard, Rukuwai, Belinda Borell, Thomas Attwood, Ana Morrison, Matt, Matua Houltham, Justin, Valance Smith, Huia Anania, Hal Ellison, Kelly Tekau. (plus ten other members unsigned) APOLOGIES: Te Pinepine, Kepa, Api, Ebony, Brendon, Mark

Beltran tour

1999 Auckland contact for KMU's Crispin Beltran tour of NZ.

Aotearoa Educators

Media Release For Immediate Use 26 September 2000.

"Prague Style Protests to Hit Aotearoa if Singapore Deal Continues"

Tino Rangatiratanga advocates attending the Prague anti-World Bank, anti-IMF protest say that New Zealand will face the same types of action if the Government pursues the Singapore Trade deal. The Aotearoa delegation is in Prague as part of the People's Global Action group (PGA), a coalition of activists from around the world. The PGA meeting will coincide with that of the IMF/World Bank annual meeting.

"The fight against globalisation and neoliberalism is the continuing struggle against colonisation, and like our ancestors before us we will resist!" said South Pacific Convenor Teanau Tuiono.

Fellow Convenor Waiariki Grace elaborated, "This process moves power from the government to the private sector. This transfer of power to the private sector reduces the role of the government, but does not inherently challenge the statist world, although it does remove much of its monopoly power. The aim behind this is to reduce restrictions on private enterprises to allow them to move factors of production as they wish. The key international institutions which encapsulate and articulate such ideas include, the World Trade Organisation, Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC), the Asian Development Bank, the United Nations, World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, reinforced in different areas of the world by their regional offices, this is not about people it is about money"

For further comment contact: Aotearoa Educators: (Aotearoa/New Zealand) Tauni Sinclair, Teanau Tuiono, Maria Bargh, Helen Te Hira.

Asian Students Association

2000 - Regional Secretary of Asian Students Assiation, apparently based in Hong Kong, took part in protest with several Hong Kong groups outside NZ consulate against killing of Maori Steven Wallace by NZ police. [3]

1999/01 on ASA 3 member secretariat.

International League for Peoples Struggles

2001 Asian Students Association Helen Te Hira, delegate to first International League for Peoples Struggles assembly in Holland.

2001 - on email list Struggles International League for Peoples Struggles, ASA Hong Kong.

Anti Globalisation

2001 - spoke at Anti Globalisation Teach-In at Victoria University, March 17.

Defending Sison

In 2002 human rights advocates, civil libertarians, Filipino migrants groups, local Hong Kong associations, and HK-based non-government organizations staged a silent protest in the Netherlands Consulate in Hong Kong to protest what they called as the unjust and inhuman actions of the Netherlands government to Prof. Jose Maria Sison.

Two weeks ago, government authorities of Utrecht, where Sison resides, ordered the suspension of subsidy given to Sison as a political refugee in the Netherlands. Previously, the Dutch Minister of Finance froze the joint bank account of Sison and his wife Julieta Sison de Lima.

The freeze order and the subsequent stripping away of Professor Sison’s basic needs to survive is a treacherous act that denies him of his right to life, said Connie Bragas-Regalado, chairperson of the United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-HK) and an organizer of the silent protest.

Meanwhile, Helen Te Hira of the Asian Students Association , another protest organizer, chided the Dutch government for what she called as terrorism against political dissenters and political refugees.

"Since 1998, the Dutch government, together with the governments of US and the Philippines has steadily pushed for the persecution of Joema Sison. He has been denied the right to stay despite their recognition of him as a political refugee. Now he is outrightly denied of his right to life by starving him and forcing him out to live in the streets," Te Hira said.[4]

Leaving ASA

Kia ora everyone, firstly I just want to say goodbye to a dear sister and friend from Aotearoa New Zealand who was very influential here in Hong Kong from ASA, Ms Helen Te Hira. She departed Hong Kong last night heading for Thailand and then will return home. Tena koe Helen for your aroha, whakaaro me nga mea o tena o tena. Na Paddy Noble.

Anti - World Trade Organisation

In 2003, a mini-conference on alternatives to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) began the Week of Action in Wellington, New Zealand, against the WTO and its free trade policies. The international Week of Action coincided with the WTO Ministerial Conference that was held in Cancun, Mexico from 10-14 September.

2:30PM WTO and Sovereignty including Teanau Tuiono and Helen Te Hira.

Foreshore debate

2004 - Maori trade unionist, addressed Auckland IWD rally on foreshore debate.[5]

2004 - the NDU was part of a big public meeting held in Auckland just before the Waitangi protests, where unionists like Syd Keepa who was part of the drive to put the foreshore and seabed on the union agenda. In Auckland, the International Women’s Day Committee included the seabed and foreshore in its platform and had SFWU activist Helen Te Hira as one of its official speakers. [6]


2004 - "At this Monday's GPJA Forum we have an eye-witness account of the struggle in Palestine by Helen Te Hira".

Helen is a union organizer in Auckland who recently visited Palestine on behalf of ARENA to liase with an aid project they help sponsor. Monday, May 3 04 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd.

Wellington, Thursday, 24 June, 7 p.m., St John's Presbyterian Church Hall, corner Willis and Dixon Streets - public meeting on Palestine with Helen Te Hira (Nga Puhi, Te Rarawa).

Helen, a trade unionist and member of ARENA, has recently returned from Palestine where she visited the Union of Palestine Medical Relief Committees and met with youth and student organisations inside Israel and Palestine. The WPG works with ARENA to fund UPMRC primary health care projects in the Occupied Territories. Catch up with the latest developments and put the plight of the Palestinians back into focus. Organised by the Wellington Palestine Group.


2004 - ARENA Advisory Board members, David Small, Helen Te Hira and Luke Coxon have all been involved in the campaign to have Ahmed Zaoui released from prison, cleared of being a‘security risk’ and granted refuge in New Zealand.[7]

Safer Auckland

2005 - Safer Auckland City Planner is working on a partnership project with the Police, Housing New Zealand and Safer Auckland City to reduce crime in the residential areas of Panmure and Glen Innes.

As a project coordinator, Helen Te Hira will give a short presentation of this project for the information of the Board.


2006 Helen Te Hira starts with us in Auckland on the 13th February as our National Education Organiser.(NDU) Helen comes directly from a role as Planner, Awhina Takawaenga in the Safer Auckland City project.She has worked as an organiser for the SFWU and as an Elected Secretariat Member for the Asian Students Association in Hong Kong.

Seabed and foreshore

In 2004, in Auckland, the International Women’s Day Committee included the seabed and foreshore in its platform and had SFWU activist Helen Te Hira as one of its official speakers. [8]

Nice 'n' Native

In 2007 the Nice 'n' Native whanau (family) was as follows:

Teanau Tuiono, Helen Te Hira, Moana Robb, Emily Bailey, Ira Bailey, Rangi Kemara, Kiritapu Allan, Alma Rosa Silva-Banuelos, Noa Campbell, Nikau Campbell, Tia Taurere, Chester Mark A. Tuazon, Elma Cielo Awingan, Iana Takarangi, Brett Ramey, Challen Wilson, Kewana Duncan, Wahleah Johns, Aletha Penritl, Rangimarie Aperehama, Ati Teepa, Kane Te Manakura, Cathy Rexford, Jason De Santolo, Terri Te Tau, Bobby, Claire Garnett, Tania Te Tau, Uiterangi Te Tau-Tuiono, Te Kaea Taurere-Julian, Tama Taurere-Julian, Astro Brimm , Te Kiriahi Taurere-Julian, Rereata, Heather Thompson, Alison Green.

Auckland City Council

Kaihautu - Senior Organisational Development Advisor at Auckland City Council.


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