Heather Lyall

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Heather Lyall

Heather Lyall is the partner of Joe Carolan.

Socialist Worker

May 2000, speaker at Socialist Workers Organisation's Socialism 2000 hui Metro College, "Green politics or Class politics?"

2000 SWO member and Waikato University Figtback coordinator, age 24.[1]

Circa 2001, in Socialist Worker Dublin with Joe Carolan, went G8 in Genoa.

Workers Charter

The Workers Charter is personally endorsed by these 119 individuals: Heather Lyall, social worker (Auckland).[2]

Socialist Aotearoa May Day letter to Helen Kelly

A 2008 letter to CTU President Helen Kelly;

We would like to extend our solidarity to our hard working junior doctors, whose organisation, the New Zealand Resident Doctors' Association, finds itself attacked by the representative of the Council of Trade Unions for giving "unions a bad name" in the media.
It is our belief that the job of unions is to represent their members, and not the ruling political party of the day. In that, the NZRDA is to be congratulated for standing up for its workers rights, and it is the CTU leadership that needs a lesson in giving the union movement a good name by supporting rather that attacking those who are in struggle.


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