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Heather Hutt

Assembly run

Five Democrats and a Socialist Workers Party candidate will appear on the ballot for the May 18 2021 special election to fill the 54th Assembly District seat, California Secretary of State Shirley Weber announced.

The Democrats are Isaac Bryan, an educator and community organizer; Heather Hutt, a former state director for then-Sen. Kamala Harris; Dallas Fowler, a businesswoman and nonprofit executive; Samuel Robert Morales, a financial advisor and entrepreneur; and Cheryl C. Turner, an attorney and state commissioner.

Retail grocery worker Bernard Senter will appear on the ballot as a candidate with no party preference because there are not enough voters who have registered as members of the Socialist Workers Party for it to qualify as an official party.

The special election was necessitated when Sydney Kamlager won the March 2 special election to fill the 30th Senate District seat that was vacated by Holly Mitchell’s election to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.[1]

Heather Hutt has a compelling personal story as a single Black mom whose three sons have been exposed to gang violence and unfair treatment by the police. A lifelong resident of the 54th, she ticks off the appropriate boxes of concern with police accountability, systemic racism, improved public safety through community involvement, more social services, job training, affordable housing and healthcare, criminal justice reform, investment in public schools, environmental justice, and renewable energy. Aside from her featured endorsement by the Vice President, she also has won the support of 12 union locals, several community organizations, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, State Senator Maria Elena Durazo, nine currently serving Assembly members, L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn, and former Supervisor Yvonne Burke, former Congresswoman Diane Watson, two L.A. City Council members, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, and many others.[2]

Harkin staffer

Heather Hutt used to work for Tom Harkin.