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Harjit Singh Gill director of Assessment & Referral at Heritage Oaks Hospital, Sacramento, California.

DSA victories

At the California Democratic Party 2019 District 9 election, Harjit Singh Gill, a No Party Preference voter and member of Democratic Socialists of America, registered as a Democrat to support his friend Peter Brogan, who won a seat. Sacramento Democratic Socialists of America endorsed the progressive slates in Districts 7, 8 and 9 – each of which won handily — and reported that 11 DSA members in the region won delegate seats.[1]

Students for a Democratic Society

Harjit Singh Gill, Meaghan Linick, Daniel Tasripin, Jasper Connor, Beth Slutsky, Madeline Gardner were all leaders of Students for a Democratic Society in the mid 2000s. [2]

Left Forum 2009

Building New Social Relations: Prefigurative Politics in Movements:

"Towards Collective Liberation" followers


Melanie Cervantes, follow · March 11, 2013;

From author Chris Crass: " When I first imagined a poster promoting my new book, Towards Collective Liberation: anti-racist organizing, feminist praxis,and movement building strategy, the images that came to mind were the people in Melanie Cervantes’ “We are the 99%” posters, coming together to build the multiracial, feminist, working class-based movement for collective liberation that we need. M... See More — with Carla F. Wallace, Mari Mujica, Steve Williams, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Ingrid Chapman, Dawn Haney, James Haslam, Cindy Wiesner, Marquez Rhyne, Jayanni Elizabeth, Malachi Garza, Miguel CarItu, Chris Crass, Carl Patrick, Abbey Lolcano, Maria Poblet, Kate Cardona, Z. Lula Haukeness, Lydia Pelot-Hobbs, Elandria Williams, Harsha Walia, Marc Mascarenhas-Swan, Jason Lydon, Jardana Peacock, Chris Dixon, Gabriel Haaland, Betty-Jeanne Ruters-Ward, Mel Baiser, Nisha Anand, Mimi Thi Nguyen, Becki Winchel, T. Gonzales, Rahula S. Janowski, Dani Burlison, Harjit Singh Gill, Leah Jo Carnine, Karly Safar, Emily Han Zimmerman, Alicia Garza, Sistufara W. Muhammad, Pamela Jean McMichael, Caitlin Elly Breedlove, Kate Kanelstein, Mei-ying Williams, James Tracy, Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson, Shannon Garth-Rhodes and Cindy Jeanne.


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