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Hannah Nayowith

Mondaire for Congress

In 2020 Hannah Nayowith was Campaign Manager Mondaire for Congress.

Katie Hill volunteers

Katie Hill for Congress August 8, 2018:


We went bowling last night for some good team bonding. Firstly, I’d like to note my team won. Secondly, I’d like to shout out the young woman who took this picture — Who turned out to be an intern for Representative Steve Knight! 😂 — with Andrea Rosenthal, Kristina Farah Bigdeli, Zack Czajkowski, Jillian Klascius, Becca Kahn, Andre Barrios, Hannah Nayowith, Graham Kelly, Ben Steinberger, Kassie King, Morgan Desjardins, Kenny Heslep and Kelsey O.

JStreet meets Obama

JStreet April 17 2016.


JStreet and JStreet U leaders were honored to meet Friday with President Barack Obama at the White House. They had the opportunity to ask the President several questions about important issues of concern.

In attendance at the meeting were Morton Halperin, Chairman of the Board of JStreet; Dan Kalik, Chief of Staff; Sarah Turbow, Director of JStreet U; and the national board of JStreet U: Amna Farooqi, Ellie Boswell, Tali deGroot, Zoe Goldblum, Elie Leaderman-Bray, Hannah Nayowith and Lizzie Stein.

Also joining the meeting were three former national presidents of JStreet U who are now members of JStreet staff: Logan Bayroff, Benjy Cannon and Jacob Plitman.


March 2015 several hundred students marched through the bright March sunshine from the JStreet conference at the Washington Convention Center for a protest.

“This is not a march!” organizers pleaded as the orderly group moved south from the Carnegie Library to the headquarters of Hillel International.

With Hillel staffers mostly sequestered inside, student leaders of the self-described “pro-Israel, pro-peace” organization stood on folding chairs, held a megaphone to their mouths and displayed a placard asking “Who is tying your hands?” Each student then dropped a pre-printed letter addressed to Hillel International President Eric Fingerhut into a large cardboard box and pasted yellow sticky notes scrawled with the words “You cancelled on …” with a student name filled in.

The protest was aimed at Fingerhut’s decision to withdraw from a speaking engagement at the conference, citing the presence of “problematic” speakers on the schedule. A Hillel spokesman initially cited the participation of longtime Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, though the organization subsequently backtracked, saying the conference agenda overall was concerning.

“I think it’s ridiculous that Fingerhut clearly wanted to meet with us,” said Hannah Nayowith of Carleton College in Minnesota, “but conversation on Israel is so stultifying and controlled by a small number of wealthy people. Donors are valued above students.”[1]

Hired on

After graduating from Carleton College with a BA in Sociology and Anthropology, Hannah is thrilled to rejoin the JStreet Southwest team, where she previously served as an intern. Hannah was deeply involved with JStreet U in college, helping to build J Street U Carleton, serving as chapter co-chair, and spending her final year in J Street U as Vice President for the Midwest on the JStreet U National Student Board. Following her first visit to Israel with Birthright in 2014, she returned to the region for a summer to work with a joint Israeli-Palestinian NGO in the West Bank and conduct ethnographic research with Palestinian women for her senior thesis. She also served on Carleton’s student government body and coordinated a number of volunteer programs working to closing the educational opportunity gap.[2]