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Gyles Beckford is RNZ business editor.


  • Studied at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington
  • Went to Liverpool Collegiate
  • Went to Tauranga Boys' College

Student journalist


Gyles Beckford with David Merritt.


Gyles Beckford was close to the Workers Communist League

Salient Anti-Tour connections

Salient’s close involvement in the anti-tour movement of 1981 is made clear in a history of the Wellington anti-tour activity by Citizens Opposed to the Springbok Tour (COST). It was co-edited by former editor Peter Beach, with assistance from Salient’s technical editor for 1981, Fergus Barrowman, and contributions by 1980 staffer Ganesh Nana. Both Stephen A'Court and Michele A'Court provided photos, as did former editor Bruce Robinson, A’Court’s successor as editor Mark Wilson, and former VUWSA President and Salient technical editor Gyles Beckford. The history itself was even printed by Salient’s printer, Wanganui Newspapers.[1]

The Paper

All through the ’70s, Mike Law edited HART News and in 1974 was business manger for the allied Maoist publication “The Paper”. Other helpers or contributors to “The Paper” included, Rona Bailey, Alick Shaw, Peter Franks, Terry Auld, Robert Reid, Lisa Sacksen (all future members of the Workers Communist League) future Air NZ board member Rob Campbell, future Race Relations Conciliator Joris de Bres, unionist Pat Kelly, Principal Family Court judge Peter Boshier, journalist Gyles Beckford, writer Tony Simpson and HART leader Trevor Richards.

Contributors to the production of Issue 1 The Paper July 1973 were Trevor Richards, Roger Steele, Graeme Collins, Mike Law, Sandy Lonsdale, Meg Bailey, Don Franks, Gyles Beckford, Peter Boshier, Warwyck Dewe, Les Atkins, Rob Campbell, Peter Wilson, Gordon Clifton, Keith Stewart, Peter Franks, Rona Bailey, Lisa Sacksen, with editorial onus on Ted Sheehan and Jim Delahunty.